Smartcard Library and Support Tool Development




A leading German telecommunications company

Project Overview

The project consists of two parts:

  • Development of SupportTool, an application to handle PIN/PUK, view smartcard content, and decode certificate information. Simplifes interactions with integrated circuit cards (ICC), replacing the method of sending/receiving binary strings.
  • Development of LibApi, shared libraries to provide a unified ISO 24727–based interface for TCOS 3.0 operating system. LibApi functionality corresponds to layers 2 and 3 of the standard. Layer 2 defines the format of binary commands, while layer 3 defines a set of services (encoding, password generation, and etc.).

Both parts are cross–platform (Linux and Windows).

Project Execution

IBA Group developed SupportTool from scratch. The tool comprises:

  • GUI (wxWidgets, a cross–platform GUI library is used) and
  • Commands factory (TCOS 2.0 command set is utilized).

It is a multi–thread application that can process several cards at a time. IBA Group implemented SupportTool using C++.

LibApi comprises two libraries. The first library was developed using C (conversion of binary commands that comply with ISO 24727 to commands that are acceptable to TCOS 3.0 and sending these to ICC for execution). The second library is being developed using C++ (forming commands and sending them to the first library; supports multitasking).


Operating systems: Windows XP, Ubuntu Linux

Programming languages: C, C++

Tools: MS Visual Studio 6, Anjuta (Linux IDE), Subversion, KOBIL's Finest

Technologies: wxWidgets, OpenSSL, PC/SC

Hardware: Telesec smartcards, various ICC readers (KOBIL KAAN Advanced, SCM SPR 532 and other).

Project Results

Our customer applies SupportTool as an auxiliary tool in Telesec Service Center. Using SupportTool, our customer is able to provide a quicker and better service to smartcard users.

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