IBA Group Upgrades and Expands BelVEB Budgeting System

January 6, 2017 

In 2016, IBA Group proceeded with further development and expansion of the functionality of the Corporate Data Warehouse and Budgeting & Financial Planning systems implemented in BelVEB bank in 2014.

In April 2016, BelVEB and IBA Group launched an automated loan office of the corporate data warehouse in commercial operation. Based on corporate data warehouse, the software module is designed to exchange the information with the Credit Register of the National Bank of Belarus.

Currently, IBA is putting the finishing touches to the project on data upload and processing for bank cards.

The improvement of ETL processes and data models contributed to the smooth operation of the corporate data warehouse during the period of redenomination of the Belarusian currency, including the acquisition of comparable data for an extended time period. In addition, IBA Group carried out numerous enhancements related to the breakdown of the information accumulated in the Corporate Data Warehouse.

The bank’s plan for 2017 was created in the upgraded version of the budgeting system using the Cash Flow approach to the estimates. The implemented modifications enabled the bank to meet the requirements of the parent company and to optimize the process of the current plan’s creation.

In his letter of thanks, Sergei Zelenko, Deputy Chairman of the Board of BelVEB Bank, said:  “From the very beginning of the projects on the Corporate Data Warehouse and the Budgeting & Financial Planning system a productive and comfortable atmosphere of cooperation settled in the project team.  I see it as a great achievement of the IBA experts who have demonstrated their high professional competence and the best personal qualities.”