IBA Group CEO Addresses Clients

August 14, 2020 

Dear сlients, сolleagues, and friends,

Throughout the existence of our company, we have had two main priorities, namely our employees and our customers. In fact, it is twofold and one cannot exist without the other.

In recent days, dramatic events have been taking place in Belarus. Inevitably, they are affecting both our employees and the projects we implement. Certainly, we were prepared for a potential crisis and had backup scenarios in place, but the reality surpassed our assumptions.

Therefore, today we are taking additional measures to increase the stability of our operations. We are launching an additional communication channel, independent of Belarusian providers. Leading specialists will be temporarily relocated to work in one of our development centers outside Belarus and we are carrying out all relevant arrangements for this transition.

I am convinced that the planned actions will enable us to fulfill all the obligations we assumed, regardless of any circumstances. We hope for your understanding and support, and I am confident that the current events will not affect our long-term cooperation.


Sergei Levteev,

Chairman of the Board

IBA Group