IBA Group and Check Point Organize IBA Security Day

December 9, 2019 

On December 4, IBA Group in cooperation with Check Point and RRC organized the IBA Security Day. The event took place in Minsk, Belarus, and focused on information security, threat protection, computer forensics, and cybersecurity for Belarusian enterprises.

The main aim of the IBA Security Day workshop was to provide enterprises with information about new IBA Group’s solutions based on Check Point software and hardware systems.

IBA Group opened the event with a welcome speech and proceeded with delivering the presentations entitled Incident Investigation and Forensics and First Line of Support, showcasing the company’s expertise in the field of information security.

The event’s co-organizers Check Point highlighted the following topics.

  • Zero Day Threat Protection
  • Maestro Scalable Networking Solutions
  • ‘Marvelous’ World of Cyberthreats
  • Automation of Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Check Point: Inside the 20 Years of Success.


Information security is one of IBA Group’s priority activities. IBA creates and offers integrated information security systems with centralized management, security policies, and role schemas that are based on software products of global leaders in information security. The systems include a full range of modern information security tools.

More than 50 information security specialists from 29 enterprises attended the workshop. The main benefit of the event, according to the attendee’s survey, was giving a better understanding of the vendor’s strategies and conditions of working with IBA Group.

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