IBA Group Presents AFC System and tapXphone in London

February 6, 2020 

From January 28 to January 29, 2020, IBA Group attended the Transport Ticketing Global conference that took place at Olympia London, UK. At the event, IBA Group showcased its Automated Fare Collection (AFC) system and tapXphone, a newly-developed solution.

The major topic of the event was exploring the future of smart ticketing and mobility. More than 120 experts took the stage to discuss travelers’ expectations and how transport operators can adapt and meet these expectations. The general opinion is that passenger transport is changing and a modern traveler is looking for a frictionless and interconnected multimodal experience.

The IBA’s AFC System is similar to the Oyster card system in London. It includes POS, card and paper ticket validators, inspector terminals, onboard computers, and software. All data flow to the data processing center, enabling the customer to benefit from the knowledge the system provides on how people move around the city.

TapXphone is a solution that enables a smartphone with an NFC chip to work as a point of sales (POS). To accept payments, one needs to install a transaction processing application on a smartphone and have a bank account.

Vadim Smotryaev, Technical Division Director at IBA Group, said: “According to my impressions, nobody wants to build just a fare collection system. Everybody wants to create smart mobility in smart cities. It is a pleasure to feel that IBA’s products can help with it. Our transit pre-processing can provide advanced functionality for smart mobility.  TapXphone can be a solution for those who are looking for a hardware-free approach in ticketing. It accepts contactless bankcards and other NFC-enabled devices. Integration with transit pre-processing solutions will be a new era in ticketing and smart mobility that can change the ticketing industry.”

Transport Ticketing Global explores a global vision for intelligent, interconnected, inclusive, and cost-effective public transport with high level transport innovators keynote speakers, in-depth analysis, and panel discussions. In 2020, the conference gathered more than 1,200 attendees from 65 countries.