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We will configure OpenShift in our cloud and provide access, train your team.

You can see how applications work and see if the OpenShift framework is right for you.

What is OpenShift

OpenShift is a container management framework, or orchestrator. OpenShift is built for running containers, managing them, setting up networking and security.

OpenShift is based on Kubernetes.

Benefits of Red Hat OpenShift

Speed.  Fast time to market with of–the-shelf tools and process standartization.

Stability.  The system is easily scalable and independently allocates resources when traffic grows. OpenShift collects metrics of container operation in order to track the location of failure if it occurs.

Introduction of functionality.  New functionality is easily implemented, for example, machine learning. big data.

Security.  OpenShift has a better security system compared to open source projects.

Red Hat OpenShift offers many features for developers:

Ready-made templates for deploying applications and databases,

Collaborate on applications as a team,

Integrated CI/CD,

Additional tools to work with applications.


If you have an application that only runs on OpenShift, or an understanding that you need to switch to OpenShift, but there is no team, then we offer our expertise.


OpenShift is a complex product to install, deploy, maintain, especially for the initial support.

Our team with years of experience will study your IT infrastructure and help you deploy OpenShift correctly.

We train employees to work in OpenShift.

Configuration and support for your needs

IT applications need to be run and updated in a timely manner: add functionality, fix bugs, eliminate vulnerabilities.

If you decide to switch to OpenShift, we will help you correctly configure containers and launch the platform.

Migration of your applications to OPENSHIFT

To migrate existing applications to OpenShift, they must be packed into containers: one needs to find all dependencies and isolate the application.

We recommend visiting our professional team with many years of experience.

Selling OpenShift licenses

Contact us to check if selling openshift licenses is available in your region, because there are regional restrictions on purchasing OpenShift licenses.

Only qualified and experienced team will be able to properly configure OpenShift and migrate applications to it.

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