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IBA Group has been developing master data and asset management systems, financial planning and analytics systems, e-document flow systems and has been providing inforsecurity services to oil and gas enterprises for over 10 years.



You can generate a project structure in the system with the level of detail you need.  Schedule, record, and control project timing, budgets, costs, work, materials, and equipment. You can prepare an analytical report, for example, on certain accounts under reliable and relevant data.



You can integrate the solution with the management control system and make automatic depreciation allocation to production cost, spending accounts, finished product cost or other items according to IFRS, LGAAP, and tax accounting requirements.

This solution will help you increase the transparency of your accounting process and the quality of reporting information, speed up and simplify the effort-consuming business process, and reduce the number of errors.



The system will allow you to grade income and expense items for taxation purpose under the Tax Code at the level of a chart of accounts and additional analytics, and automatically generate tax ledgers suitable for printing out and uploading to Microsoft Excel.

The automated profit tax accounting system facilitates tax accounting of fixed assets and intangible assets subject to tax accounting data in the parallel evaluation scope of each FA and IA.

In addition, you are provided with flexible calculation options for automatic income and expense allocation, fast recording of adjustment postings to generate a profit tax calculation database, accounting of historic income and expenses discovered in a reporting period and display primary documents and tax ledger lines.



A period is closed on the basis of actual data existing in the system and initiated by running sequential automatic transactions. The value of work, services, master plan which are evaluated by target cost is increased using actual tariffs which constitute an integral part of the closing period process.

Using costs accounting system which is integrated with other modules, you can speed up the process itself, eliminate data inconsistencies, increase the process transparency and unify the closing processes across several enterprises. In addition, you can simplify the cost analysis and cost operational control with the help of a series of standard reports on estimated, actual values of costs and calculated deviations between them.



The IBA HOTD expert system will help you harmonize and enrich goods and material records. Every time you try to enter new data to or change your master file, the system will display the right options and prevent item duplication or its incomplete description. This system will reduce your costs for master data maintenance, speed up data synchronization in enterprise systems and improve your decision-making process. Due to efficient inventory control, the enterprise avoids over-and under-stocking of goods.



The use of the automated budgeting and planning system will help you reduce budget preparation, approval, and adjustment costs. The system allows real-time analysing of financial performance, and determining the profitability of individual business segments. Subject to operation plans, report accuracy and planning and control transparency are improved.

The use of the business management system allows you to streamline enterprise resource accounting and planning, and integrate the company’s business processes in a single environment. Reduce project risks through effective change management and availability of the up-to-date information.

The use of the financial performance management system allows you to calculate product, division, and customer profitability at the required level of detail, discover real costs and key profitability drivers, estimate financial risks, group transfer-pricing for the purpose of tax optimization, and determine margin leakage.



Automate planning, budgeting, and statement consolidation tasks and perform real-time business operations by means of the in-memory technology. The EPM Add-in allows your employees to work in Microsoft Excel and generate new statements without any assistance from the IT department. They further will calculate carry-forwards, reclassifications, translation, elimination, etc., using configured business rules. The system is available as a cloud solution that helps transfer costs from CAPEX account to OPEX account and speeds up system deployment.



The system allows you to create request orders based on real consumption instead of established rates. You can control the procurement process, monitor your statements, reduce the number of document errors, and improve your supplier interaction level.



The use of the M&R (Maintenance and Repair) solutions will help you schedule repairs based on the equipment status, use predictive methods to forecast equipment failure risks, and build models for unit wear and tear calculation. Artificial intelligence compares current values against the ones in the trouble report log and predicts equipment failures.

The IBA Metrix product will help improve the accuracy of repair and inspection planning.

The use of the IBA Asset Walker information system will allow you to obtain information about the equipment status and stock at any time, and supervise how on-site teams execute work and comply with safety procedures.



You can determine the excess emission limits and reduce the number of errors in environmental impact forecasts.


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IBA Group has gained key expertise in digital banking, corporate and retail banking services, analytics and IT infrastructure management through collaboration with large-scale banks from CIS, Europe and Africa.

Development of management systems for an oil and gas enterprise

We consolidate the systems of enterprises with geographically distributed branches and implement localized solutions.

We design enterprise data warehouses, content management, and supplier interaction systems. We develop budgeting, forecasting, master data and asset management systems.

Digital Twins

We develop digital twins, use 3D-visualisation and IoT technology. We integrate digital twins with external systems.

Maintenance, support, and development of enterprise systems

We develop, support, and update our own solutions and applications based on SAP, IBM, Oracle technologies.

Management of logistics processes of an oil and gas enterprise

We develop solutions for supply chain visualization and route and downtime management in petroleum product transportation.

SAP applications support

We respond to critical errors in 10 minutes and eliminate high priority problems for 2 hours.

SAP applications support

Business processes visualization based on SAP Celonis

We develop solutions based on SAP Process Mining by Celonis that visualize business processes, detect inconsistencies in these processes and offer recommendations for their real-time elimination, identify risks, and compare actual operational flows against the planned ones.

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1First contact

We analyze needs of your business, specify your expectations and solution requirements, define processes that should be automated.

2Technical Specification

We define main project challenges, goals and ways of handling them. Discuss all technical requirements, estimate time schedule and costs.


We agree final project cost and cooperation terms. Sign the documents.

4Development and training

We prototype automation solutions and offer services of our DevOps engineers.

The development process is transparent. You receive progress reports on a regular basis. After project implementation, we educate your team to work with new system.

5Maintenance and support

We agree terms and cost of system maintenance and support.


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