11.06. 2024

Streamlining the Mainframe Code Build Stage with GitHub, Jenkins, and IntelliJ IDEA

The Open Mainframe Project, part of the Linux Foundation and a focal point for all things open source in mainframe, published an article by Valery Aranouski, IBA Group DevOps Team Lead and OMP ambassador, highlighting the integration of GitHub, Jenkins, and IntelliJ IDEA to streamline the mainframe code build process and facilitate modern DevOps practices for mainframe environments. The article covers Zowe Explorer for IntelliJ IDEA and the Zowe zDevOps Jenkins Plugin, both developed and integrated by IBA Group as part of the Open Mainframe Project’s Zowe initiative.

11.06. 2024

Business Transformation with AI: What Can and Cannot Be Done (In Lithuanian)

In an article on the Lithuanian internet edition, IBA Group delves into the transformative potential of AI in business, exploring its benefits and challenges. While showcasing remarkable advancements, the article underscores the importance of vigilance and ethical scrutiny in AI deployment to harness its full potential responsibly.

31.05. 2024

Shielding Your Business: Expert Insights On Cyber Security Readiness

The business technology media community ITWeb published an interview with Siarhei Fedarovich, IBA Group’s project manager. The article features the evolving threat landscape, strategies for data protection, and the impact of AI on cyber attacks.

29.05. 2024

Navigating Digital Transformation: Insights and Strategies by Sergei Zhmako

Emerging Europe published a series of expert articles on digital transformation by Sergei Zhmako, EVP & General Manager, IBA Group, North America:

Digital Transformation and What It Means for Business

Digital Transformation: How Do We Get There?

Digital Transformation: Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

The articles delve into the intricacies of digital transformation, offering insights into its transformative impact on businesses, unveiling practical implementation strategies, and revealing innovative solutions to overcome common challenges.

16.05. 2024

AI Is The Key to Efficient Business Automation (In Bulgarian)

In an article on, Atanas Dimitrov, Director of IBA Bulgaria, elaborates on how AI integration enhances precision and productivity, enabling companies to concentrate on strategic initiatives. Dimitrov highlights IBA Group’s innovative solutions EasyRPA and Goods Checker that optimize operations and improve efficiency through their built-in AI capabilities.

13.05. 2024

The Implementation of AI Solutions Is A Revolutionary Stage (In Ukrainian)

The Ukrainian internet edition published an interview with Sergii Baibara, Director at IBA Group Ukraine, discussing the transformative power of AI and its impact on the IT landscape. Baibara highlights how AI transforms business processes and opens new horizons, focusing on IBA Group’s cutting-edge Goods Checker for merchandising and the advanced capabilities of EasyRPA.

06.05. 2024

IBA Group: Leading the Charge at Dubai FinTech Summit 2024

IBA Group was featured in The Fintech Times-Dubai Fintech Summit 2024 Special Edition following IBA Group’s participation in the summit, where it presented their innovative fintech solutions. As a Premium Bronze Sponsor, the company engaged in important discussions about the future of fintech and showcased a range of services tailored to advance the financial industry.

22.04. 2024

Intelligent Process Automation In Digital Financial Organizations (In Polish)

In an article on ISBtech, Tomasz Golebiewski, Sales Director at IBA Poland, shares insights on Intelligent Process Automation in financial organizations. Golebiewski highlights the evolution from traditional RPA to IPA that leverages AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to enhance efficiency and decision-making.

20.03. 2024

Cybersecurity: Hygiene that Every Internet User must Adhere to (In Lithuanian)

The Lithuanian internet edition published an interview with Siarhei Fedarovich, IBA Group’s project manager, discussing the critical role of cybersecurity in safeguarding information against cyber threats. Fedarovich highlights the importance of cybersecurity hygiene, advocating for strong passwords, cautious internet browsing, and regular updates to protect users online.

18.03. 2024

AI is a Trend that Shows No Signs of Slowing Down – Understanding Its Impact on the Future of Company Operations (In Croatian)

In an article on, Miloš Surla, CEO of IBA Croatia, discusses the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on modern businesses. Highlighting AI’s role in revolutionizing operations and future workforce dynamics, Surla emphasizes the importance of an ethical approach to AI development. IBA Group stands poised to assist clients in implementing and securing AI solutions, ensuring their effectiveness and integrity in the evolving digital landscape.

14.03. 2024

How to Protect a Business from Cyber Threats? (In Lithuanian)

In an article on the Lithuanian internet edition, Ivan Shyshkou, a security testing engineer at IBA Group, and Siarhei Fedarovich, IBA Group’s project manager, explore the critical importance of cybersecurity in safeguarding organizational data against evolving cyber threats. They emphasize the challenges posed by fraudulent attacks, ransomware, and supply chain vulnerabilities, exacerbated by the use of artificial intelligence by attackers. To combat these threats, the authors suggest robust measures including multifactor authentication, regular security audits, continuous employee training, and the adoption of zero-trust architecture. Additionally, they highlight the emerging threat of quantum computing to encryption and stress the need for quantum-resistant encryption methods.


IBA Poland Becomes a New SAP Partner (In Polish)

Based on IBA Group’s news release, a series of articles was published in the Polish press, including on,,,, highlighting the new partnership between IBA Poland and SAP Poland. This collaboration emphasizes IBA Poland’s focus on data analytics, automation, human resources management, supply chain management, and cloud migration. CEO Paweł Ciesielski sees this partnership as a step towards improving business competitiveness and addressing the challenges faced by businesses today, particularly through the implementation of sophisticated SAP solutions in AI and data analytics.


In 2024, AI Hype will Transition into Practical Applications (In Czech)

The article on, a Czech Internet publication, explores the significant shift towards integrating artificial intelligence (AI) in everyday business operations as vendors develop new platforms for enterprise process automation incorporating AI elements. Andrei Barysionak, Global Delivery Director of Data Management at IBA Group, details how their new intelligent automation platform, EasyRPA, is designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises that lack the resources for their own development teams or substantial investments. The platform employs AI for comprehensive automation of business processes, enhancing functions like price management in retail and supporting Human-in-the-Loop decisions, ensuring that automation complements human capabilities without replacing them.


IBA Group Supports New AI Deployment Opportunities (In Czech)

The article on, a Czech Internet publication, discusses the transformative role of AI across multiple industries. Andrei Barysionak, Global Delivery Director of Data Management at IBA Group, explains AI’s applications in financial sectors for risk evaluation and fraud detection, and in healthcare for improving diagnostics and treatment processes. Additionally, the article discusses how AI is used in manufacturing to enhance quality control through automated visual inspections that identify defects, ensuring the delivery of high-quality products.


Generative Artificial Intelligence: Assistance or Threat to Society? (In Lithuanian)

The Lithuanian internet edition published an interview with Andrei Barysionak, Global Supply Director and Data Management Specialist at IBA Group, discussing generative artificial intelligence (AI). Barysionak highlights AI’s potential applications, including customer service, content creation, and data analysis. He emphasizes that AI enhances rather than replaces human capabilities and stresses the importance of responsible AI development. Despite concerns about disinformation and privacy, Barysionak envisions a future where AI collaborates with humans to augment their abilities.


An App Turns a Smartphone into a POS Terminal (In Croatian)

Based on IBA Group’s news release, a series of articles was published in the Croatian press. The articles on ,,, and discuss the rise of digital payments in Croatia, with Raiffeisen Bank launching the RaiPOS app in collaboration with IBA Group. This app allows smartphones to serve as POS terminals for contactless card and mobile payments, democratizing the payment process and offering convenience to both businesses and customers.


What Technological Trends did Businesses Embrace in 2024 – Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, Metaverse, and Blockchain (In Polish)

The articles in Polish editions of,, and feature Paweł Ciesielski, Managing Director at IBA Poland, discussing key technology trends for 2024. He highlights AI, blockchain, edge computing, and the impact of the metaverse on businesses. Ciesielski emphasizes the need for increased IT investment to address challenges and stresses the importance of innovation and cybersecurity.


Head to Head: Mark Hillary interviews IBA Group CEO, Sergei Levteev

In a recent interview on Intelligent Sourcing (, IBA Group’s CEO Sergei Levteev spoke with British technology writer and analyst Mark Hillary. Levteev reflects on the company’s 30th anniversary, highlighting accomplishments such as improved working conditions and expanded service offerings. He underscores the significance of diverse services for sustainability and notes the growing client interest in AI applications. Additionally, he discusses insights from data mining, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity in the post-pandemic landscape.



AI Hype to Transition to Practical Applications in 2024 (In Croatian)

In an article on, Miloš Surla, CEO of IBA Croatia, discusses the realistic evolution of AI and RPA in 2024, highlighting their potential in automation while acknowledging their limitations. He also notes the significant growth of digital payment systems, emphasizing their increasing dominance over cash transactions. The article concludes with Surla’s perspective on the continuous, albeit realistic, development of AI and Big Data in contributing to societal digitalization.


How Does Data Science Change Business? (In Lithuanian)

In an article on the Lithuanian internet edition, Andrei Barysionak, Global Delivery Director at IBA Group, discusses the impact of data science, machine learning, and computer vision on various industries, emphasizing their role in enhancing business strategies and decision-making. He highlights applications in finance, healthcare, and retail, particularly noting Goods Checker, an AI-driven solution for retail shelf optimization. The article underscores how advancements in computing power and cloud computing have made these technologies more accessible and transformative in practical business scenarios.


How does the Use of Cloud Solutions Affect the Availability and Scalability of ERP Systems? (In Polish)

In a feature by Gazeta Finansowa, Małgorzata Sieklucka, SAP Delivery Manager at IBA Group, discussed how cloud solutions enhance ERP systems. She emphasized their role in modern business for ensuring data security, scalability, and global access, while transitioning from capital to operational expenses. However, she cautioned about potential risks like data control loss and complexity in migration. The benefits, she noted, include unified information systems, increased productivity, and streamlined processes, citing a successful IBA Group project that improved data consistency and supply chain productivity.


Legacy System Modernization – Will the Polish Market Follow the Global Trend (In Polish)

The article on, a Polish internet edition, features discussions on the 2023 trends in legacy technology modernization, focusing on how Polish large enterprises, particularly in finance and transportation, are adapting their strategies. It highlights the necessity of integrating mainframe systems with newer technologies, drawing from successful Western examples. The role of IBA Poland, part of the IBA Group, is emphasized in showcasing their expertise in migrating mainframe environments to cloud models and the implementation of DevOps concepts in legacy systems.


Two Factors Why Entrepreneurs are Abandoning Cash in Favor of Card Payments (In Croatian)

The Croatian edition of ICT Business recently featured an article on evolving payment solutions, including insights from Miloš Surla, CEO at IBA Croatia. The article sheds light on global trends in payment practices, spotlighting innovations like IBA Group’s TapXphone, and underscores the rising preference for digital over cash transactions.


Automation and Machine Learning Boosts Productivity, Engages Employees, and Delights Customers

The article on Intelligent Sourcing ( features British technology writer and analyst Mark Hillary, who provides valuable insights into the impact of artificial intelligence on various industries. Mark highlights AI’s potential when combined with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning (ML) to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and elevate customer service.


Modernising your mainframe? Call in the experts

The South African Internet edition recently published an article featuring Dimitri Denissiouk, Managing Director at IBA South Africa, discussing the need for modernizing outdated business systems. The article stresses the risks associated with legacy systems and underscores the importance of IT audits and embracing software modernization through new technologies.


IBA Group & Lenovo: Bringing Top-Quality IT Services to Europe

Lenovo featured the collaboration with IBA Group in a case study on, highlighting IBA Group’s adoption of Lenovo ThinkSystem servers and storage for IBA Group’s new state-of-the-art data center In Czech Republic. Through this partnership, IBA Group expanded and fortified its infrastructure and launched ICDC, a hybrid cloud platform, augmenting IBA Group’s service offerings. Irina Kiptikova, Corporate Communications Director at IBA Group, praised Lenovo’s technology for its reliability and performance, highlighting the successful synergy between the two entities.


The Hybrid Model Reveals the True Possibilities of the Cloud (in Czech)

The article on, a Czech Internet publication, features Pavel Shkilionak, Product Director of ICDC, sharing his insights on the evolving landscape of hybrid cloud solutions. He elaborates on how the hybrid model combines the capabilities of public clouds with the security and adaptability of private clouds. The discussion also touches upon the ICDC Cloud Platform 2020 by IBA Group, emphasizing its open hybrid cloud architecture, which offers businesses a flexible approach to manage their cloud strategies effectively.


Artificial Intelligence will Help with Product Placement on Shelves (in Czech)

The article on highlights IBA Group’s Goods Checker, a cloud-based AI solution for optimizing product placement on store shelves. Replacing traditional manual arrangements, it analyzes shelf photographs with up to 98% accuracy. This ensures a more efficient, accurate, and timely product arrangement, minimizing human errors and enhancing store profitability. The software is adaptable, recognizing products nationwide and adjusting to evolving product assortments.


From Cloud to Cloud, or How not to Lock Yourself with One Provider (in Czech)

The article by Radek Kubeš on Hospodářské noviny, a Czech national daily focused on economics and politics, features Pavel Shkilionak, Product Director of ICDC, highlighting the rise of cloud services in the Czech Republic. It delves into the challenges of “vendor lock-in”, the advantages of cloud neutrality, and the potential of hybrid and multicloud strategies. The article underscores the complexities of transitioning between cloud providers and the strategic value of diverse cloud deployment.


The Advantages of RPA: The Practical Solution to Human Error

Emerging Europe spotlights Slava Mikitjuk, Director of Internet Technologies at IBA Group, as he explores the practical benefits of Robotics Process Automation (RPA). Mikitjuk discusses RPA’s potential to reduce errors, boost productivity, and enhance customer service, resulting in cost savings and improved efficiency. The article introduces EasyRPA, an AI-powered RPA platform, as an affordable solution for streamlining business processes with precision and reliability.


Key Objectives and Challenges in Modernizing Legacy Systems (in Polish)

The article on, a Polish Internet edition, features Paweł Ciesielski, Managing Director at IBA Poland. In this article, Ciesielski offers his insights into the key objectives and hurdles that companies encounter when modernizing legacy systems. The discussion covers crucial questions like the role of legacy systems for businesses, the decision between modernization and replacement, and strategies for navigating complex ecosystems.


How to Safely Use IoT Devices at Home? (In Lithuanian)

The Lithuanian Internet edition Lrytas published an enlightening article authored by Siarhei Fedarovich, Project Manager of IBA Group. The article delves into the world of IoT devices and their integration into our daily lives. As the popularity of IoT devices increases, so does their vulnerability to hacking, posing security risks. The article discusses instances of cyberattacks targeting smart devices, such as using smart fridges for cryptocurrency mining or hacking video surveillance systems. It highlights the importance of updating device software, changing default passwords, and enabling two-factor authentication to bolster security. The article concludes with a real-life case involving the Mirai virus, which transformed IoT devices into “zombies” for launching potent DDoS attacks.


Navigating the Path to SAP S/4HANA

The South African Internet edition features Dzmitry Dzenisiuk, Managing Director at IBA South Africa, in an article discussing the significance of transitioning to SAP S/4HANA. With SAP’s shift away from maintaining Business Suite 7 core applications, the article underscores the importance of adopting SAP S/4HANA for enhanced functionality, improved user experience, and cost effectiveness. Dzenisiuk highlights IBA Group’s expertise in various transition approaches and emphasizes their turnkey SAP-certified conversion service, offering businesses a reliable path to successful transitions.


Big Data – a Source of Profit or Loss of Money? Analyzing When it Pays to Invest in Technology (In Croatian)

The Croatian internet edition released an article spotlighting Miloš Surla, Director of IBA Croatia. The article takes a comprehensive look into the world of Big Data, exploring its potential as a valuable asset for profit as well as a potential financial challenge. It delves into the experiences of Amazon and other companies, showcasing how they leverage Big Data to elevate their business approaches.


Digitization Dictates the Daily Life of Consumers and CRM is the Key to Success (In Croatian) 

The Croatian edition of ICT Business recently published an article on CRM solutions, featuring a quote from Miloš Surla, CEO at IBA Croatia. He emphasized the significance of Customer Relationship Management in today’s market and highlighted the CRM solutions implemented by IBA Group using SAP.


Last Word: The Belarus IT Sector Adapts to New Realities

On the occasion of IBA Group’s 30th anniversary celebrations, IBA Group CEO Sergei Levteev met with Andrew Wrobel, the founding partner at Emerging Europe, to discuss the transformative journey the company has undertaken in the face of geopolitical challenges and its outlook for the future. The article gives insights into how IBA Group diversified its presence, relocated talent, and solidified position in the international market while vigilantly monitoring the ever-changing social, economic, and political landscape.


IBA Group: Our Key Focus Areas are AI, Cloud Computing, and Green Technologies

In the Top 100 ICT Companies of the Czech Republic Special Issue of CIO, which mapped the Czech ICT market using questionnaire data, IBA Group and IBA CZ were ranked 16th and 67th, respectively. The issue included an article by Sergei Levteev, chairman and CEO of IBA Group, addressing digital transformation challenges and the need for modernizing business systems. Levteev outlined IBA Group’s expansion in the EU and its focus on AI, cloud computing, and green technologies. He discussed IBA Group’s innovative products like Goods Checker and TapXphone, and anticipated growth in cloud technologies. The article also highlighted the growing role of ESG in business and IBA Group’s shift from Russian and Belarusian markets to expanding in the EU, Kazakhstan, and Georgia. It concluded with Levteev reflecting on IBA Group’s 30th anniversary and the company’s dedication to technological innovation and sustainable development.


The Risks and Benefits of Moving Business Infrastructure and Enterprise Applications to the Cloud

Pavel Shkilionak, Product Director of ICDC, the Intelligent Cloud for Digital Co-Creation, recently shared his insights in an article featured in Emerging Europe. In his article, Pavel explores the risks and benefits of cloud computing, offering valuable tips and guidance to businesses venturing into the cloud. Discover his expert perspective and gain valuable insights to make informed decisions on your cloud journey.


Interview: How Technology is Driving CX

Mark Hillary, a British technology writer and analyst, based in São Paulo, Brazil, alongside Sergei Levteev, CEO of IBA Group, engaged in a virtual discussion to delve into recent technology advancements and identify upcoming trends for the future. Featured in Intelligent Sourcing, the interview explores various topics including IoT, cloud technologies, SaaS, startups, and Artificial Intelligence. Sergei shares his insights on the technology and CX trends that are expected to gain traction this year.



IntelliJ for Mainframe Powered By Zowe

IBA Group developed an IntelliJ IDEA plug-in that leveraged z/OSMF to interact with mainframe data sets and USS files. They presented their innovation at a SHARE conference. Michael Bauer, a Zowe CLI Squad Lead, came up with the proposal to join the Zowe project and adapt the For Mainframe plugin to work within the Zowe ecosystem. Read the story of what happened after.



The Digital CEO: A Dozen Years Of IT Insight

It was the IT industry that saved so many companies during this crisis and now we are seeing a wave of accelerated digital transformation. Companies that were not forced to change for immediate survival have realized that consumer expectations have changed – they need to catch up.


RPA: The Next Chapter In The Automation Story

Dimitri Denissiouk, Managing Director at IBA South Africa, explores important aspects of RPA in his article in Synapse, a quarterly magazine showcasing Africa’s AI & Data Science innovations & case studies.


20 Industry Experts On The State Of The Outsourcing Market in EE
IBA Group’s Head of Corporate Communications is featured among industry experts in Outsourcing Journal


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IBA Group Opens New Office in Bulgaria
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Expert Assistance: IT Outsourcing for SMBs
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IBA Group’s Developer Coauthors Quiz for Java Magazine
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Involving Vulnerable Groups in IT
IBA Institute: Involving Vulnerable Groups in IT

IBA Group Opens New Office in Prague
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IBA USA: Why Using Cell Phones at Work Can Be a Good Thing
IAOP’s Pulse Magazine publishes article by General Manager of IBA USA

Partnering for Success
South African journal of financial planning publishes interview with Managing Director of IBA South Africa

Equipment for High-Tech Data Center
German manufacturer of server & network cabinet systems tells about project for IBA Data Center


IBA Group manages physical and human assets
In the lead-up to GITEX 2015 Middle East technology website and Gitex newspapers publish article about IBA Group

Improve Business Performance with Change
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IT Excellence and History of Customer Interaction
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Business Analytics in the Real World
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Visualization and Big Data: New Technology Trends
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Nearshoring IT Services: how to make nearshoring work for you
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The Next 20 Years of Outsourcing Still Depends on Trust
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Mainframes: What’s in Store?
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System of Production Monitoring Based on KPIs
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IBA Has Expansion Plans in Mind
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Czech Software Firm Wants African Opportunities
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Smart Intelligence
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IBA CZ: Our Solutions are Focused on IT Integration
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New IBA Centre in Kazakhstan
IBA Group now has development centre in Kazakhstan, 7th such in emerging areas and mainly for government work, says IT Europa

A Tool to Change Business Processes
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After the Crisis
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Databáze Chrání Kulturní Památky
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Global Services Quotes IBA Group Quality Director
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