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We develop M&R (Maintenance and Repair) management systems, automate business management and parallel accounting under IFRS standards, simplify procurement and customer relationship management.


Automation of master data management using SAP MDM, MDG

The solution automates business processes for managing directories of Works and Services, Goods and Materials, business partners. It helps to implement the master data management approach, including the article identification methods and the corporate classification system.

Cloud service for automating the preparation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS

The solution reduces the cost of obtaining and auditing IFRS financial statements and increases the efficiency and quality of processes.

The customer receives detailed breakdowns of each adjustment amount without manual calculation errors. Moreover, all calculations and breakdowns are stored in a single database.

Users are able to generate additional reports without developer involvement. With BI tools, it is easy to visualize IFRS statements to make it easier to perform analysis.

ERP system powered by SAP S/4HANA

The SAP S/4HANA platform automates and accelerates the company’s business processes: finance, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, sales, marketing, asset management, etc. SAP S/4HANA integrates with corporate systems and centralizes enterprise information flows. Enterprises receive accurate data about the business; increase the transparency of processes and supervision over the execution of operations.

Order and procurement management systems powered by SAP SRM, open-source or IBA SRMC

Employees place orders based on actual consumption instead of established quotas. Employees supervise the procurement process, monitor reporting, reduce the number of errors in documents and increase the level of interaction with suppliers.

SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP)

SAP IBP integrates supply chain monitoring, sales and production planning, demand management, inventory and supply planning in one comprehensive solution that supports data integration from external systems.

Maintenance and repair of equipment (MRO)

With MRO solutions, enterprises perform condition-based repairs, use predictive methods and assess the risks of equipment failures, build digital models for calculating the wear of machinery. If necessary, a module with artificial intelligence is introduced, which is able to compare current indicators with the history of failures and predict future equipment failure.

Inspection video processing system for detection of power line defects

VISE uses computer vision technology that automatically searches for defects in photos and videos taken during the inspection.

Parallel accounting of fixed assets for taxation according to IFRS, LGAAP

The solution integrates with controlling and automatically attributes depreciation to the cost of oil or gas production, to spending accounts, the cost of the final product or other items in accordance with the requirements of IFRS, LGAAP or tax accounting.

The enterprise increases the transparency of accounting and the quality of reporting information, speeds up the business process, reduces labor intensity and the number of errors.

Investment Management System

The solution allows the company’s employees to quickly place and approve requests, develop an investment program.

The system summarizes the target investment values for approved requests in the context of program items. The solution helps to create, distribute and monitor the investment budget using the automatic reporting system

Automated income tax accounting system

Due to the automated system, employees enter accounting data only once when recording primary accounting documents. The solution classifies income and expenditure items for tax purposes in accordance with the Tax Code at the level of the chart of accounts and additional analytics, automatically generates tax ledgers that can be printed out and exported to MS Excel.

Employees use custom settlement procedures to automatically distribute the amounts of income and expenses, enter adjustment transactions to form an income tax base, keep records of income and expenses of previous years identified in the reporting period, can view primary underlying documents, items of tax ledgers.

Automated real estate tax accounting system

The automated real estate tax accounting system streamlines entry of transactions and generation of analytical reports in the context of each accounting entity. The system solves the problem of data redundancy: information is entered directly into items of fixed assets. Using an automated system, employees generate reports that cover all areas of real estate tax analytics and can export them to Excel. The automated system simplifies the maintenance of tax accounting of fixed assets and intangible assets, taking into account data for tax accounting in a parallel area of valuation of each fixed asset and intangible asset.

Automation of accounting

The solution streamlines reconciliation and consolidation processes for reporting in accordance with regulatory requirements.

The system helps to generate up-to-date reporting, enables soft closes and simulations of closings in the middle of the period, reduces closing costs and loads during peak periods.

Users get a single universal log/ledger and, as a result, one data source and quick access to information.

Trial balances

The balance sheet solution contains three reports: the general ledger, the counterparty balance sheet, and the G/L account balance sheet. The reports visually show accounting data and make it easier to reconcile them. The solution provides detailed analytics on counterparties, contracts and other parameters.

Automated system for cost accounting, standardization of cost planning and period end closing procedures

Employees of the enterprise plan direct and indirect costs in detailed analytics, which is unified for all cost planning items. The accounting system helps to group costs by economic elements, costing items, budget items, IFRS elements. After entering the planned costs for all CO objects, the specialists calculate the planned rates for business units. Planned rates include all counter-flows of costs and in the current period are used for intercompany billing, formation of prices for finished products and the planned cost of works/services. Period-end closing is based on actual data and is performed by starting sequential automatic transactions. Using actual rates, which are an integral part of the period-end closing, the system performs revaluation of works, services, finished products, which are valuated at planned cost. The system calculates the actual cost estimate of the finished product for the reporting period and distributes variances.

The cost accounting system, integrated with other modules, speeds up the process itself, eliminates inconsistencies in data, increases transparency of processes and makes it possible to combine period-end closing processes across several enterprises. It facilitates the analysis and real time monitoring of costs using a collection of standard reports on planned, actual values of costs and calculated variances between them.

Capital Projects Management System

With this solution, employees build a project structure in the system with the required level of detail, where they plan, keep records and monitor the timing of the project, budgets, costs, work, requirements for materials and equipment. Analytical reporting is based on accurate and up-to-date data, for example, for certain ledgers.

SAP RE-FX Module ``Flexible Real Estate Management``

A comprehensive solution that supports the full life cycle of the contract, automates business processes related to real estate and land. The module has built-in functionality for accounting in accordance with IFRS16.

Property accounting processes become manageable, and calculations ─ transparent and reasonable.

Automated business planning and consolidation system (SAP BPC)

SAP BPC-based solution automates planning, budgeting, reporting consolidation tasks and performs business transactions in real time thanks to in-memory technology. Employees work with familiar MS Excel using the EPM Add-in, generate new reports without involving the IT department. The pre-configured business rules are used to calculate the carry-forward, reclassifications, translation, elimination, etc. The solution is available from the cloud, which allows transferring costs from CAPEX to OPEX and accelerates system deployment.

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is a unified analytics application for business intelligence, planning and predictive analytics.

The solution assists in making smarter decisions in all areas of business: finance, procurement, HR, sales and marketing

Profitability and Performance Management System (SAP PaPM)

Using a financial performance management system, employees determine the profitability of products, departments, customers with breakdown by a single transaction, identify profit drivers, predict the impact on the profitability of various business strategies, analyze data in real time and evaluate financial risks.

Human capital management system powered by SAP HCM

The human capital management system helps to model, change the organizational structure of the enterprise, coordinate the individual goals of employees with the goals of the department and the enterprise, plan staffing requirements, keep track of working hours, calculate wages, additional payments and deductions. HR specialists handle information on each employee faster: they enter data on hiring, transfer or dismissal of an employee, arrange vacations and sick leaves.

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IBA Conversion Pack for SAP S/4HANA

We convert corporate applications to new versions and migrate corporate applications from R/3 to SAP ERP and from SAP ERP to SAP S/4HANA.

We offer engineering review before migration to SAP S/4 HANA to reduce the time and budget of the migration project. The review takes place in five stages.

After consultation, you can choose one of the basic SAP S/4HANA conversion packages depending on your situation, tasks, cost and timing.

SAP CPI (Сloud Platform Integration)

We deploy ready-made SAP CPI modules, integrate with EDM, government systems, develop solutions for specific scenarios of customer integration.

Data Warehouses and BI systems

We develop solutions that centralize a large amount of information and improve the quality of data for making management decisions.

We deploy vendor BI solutions: IBM Cognos analytics, MS Power BI, QlikView, Qlik Sense, Tableau, Information Builders WebFOCUS, Looker, Watson analytics, SAP BusinessObjects BI, Lumira, Reporting Services, Oracle BI.

Maintenance, support and development of enterprise systems

We develop, support and update solutions and applications powered by SAP, IBM, Oracle technologies.

Digital Twin, Computer Vision, Internet of Things

We develop digital twins, solutions based on Internet of Things and computer vision technologies to monitor facilities, detect certain conditions, identify defects.

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1A first contact

We analyze needs of your business, specify your expectations and solution requirements, define processes that should be automated.

2The Technical Specification

We define main project challenges, goals and ways of handling them. Discuss all technical requirements, estimate time schedule and costs.

3The Offer

We agree final project cost and cooperation terms. Sign the documents.

4Development and training

We prototype automation solutions and offer services of our DevOps engineers.

The development process is transparent. You receive progress reports on regular basis. After project implementation, we educate your team to work with new system.

5Maintenance and support

We agree terms and cost of system maintenance and support.


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