SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Enterprise application integration has become labor intensive and expensive

Landscape of a major enterprise consists of dozens of systems, for example, DMS, GIS, CMS, HRM, SRM. Their number is constantly growing, and lawmakers oblige owners to integrate with egovernment systems. How to integrate cheaper and reduce maintenance costs?

What is SAP Cloud Platform Integration

For what

SAP Cloud Platform Integration is a flexible tool for integrating enterprise systems with external cloud and On-premise applications. Suitable for SAP and non-SAP.

How it works

Applications exchange data using cloud modules. Each module contains a ready-made integration scenario, for example, automatic sending of VAT data from SAP S/4HANA enterprise to the system of a supervisory authority. Performance of the cloud module is supported by its developer, so the customer is not responsible for the equipment, maintenance and administration of the module, but only pays for subscription.

What to integrate

Integrate individual scenarios with existing environment using SAP CPI.

How to integrate

Use 1300+ partner apps

Modules for common scenarios are hosted in the SAP Application Center.

Order your application development

SAP App Center is a digital store where you can find, test and purchase trusted partner applications for S/4HANA, SuccessFactors, Hybris, Ariba, Analytics and others.


Suitable for SAP and non-SAP

SAP Cloud Platform Integration is a flexible tool for integrating enterprise systems with external cloud and On-premise applications.

What integration scenarios we are ready to develop?

Integration with EDI
Application to integrate the customer’s SAP ecosystem and EDI: Kontur, SBIS, Taxcom.

Reporting Integration
Application to integrate retail with public service IT systems to submit cash reporting, data on sales of alcoholic products, etc.

Custom Objective
Tell us which scenarios you need to integrate – and we will offer you a solution.

Free expert consultation

Features of SAP Cloud Platform Integration

  1. Single Vendor. SAP Cloud and On-premises Integration Domains.
  2. Various Scenarios. Mobile integration, IoT, data and process integration, integration of Process and Master data within the SAP ecosystem and with external solutions.
  3. Data Security and Isolation. Multi-tenancy and transport-level message encryption inside the bus.
  4. Selection of Connectivity Options. Adapters for communication with SAP and external solutions.
  5. High-Performance Queues. Mechanism based on SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging Service.
  6. Flexible Subscription Models. Cost of ownership reduced with flexible pay-as-you-go model.
  7. Compatibility. SAP Process Orchestration integration mappings may be reused in SAP CPI.


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