IT Security, Operations, and Development Services

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Managed security for CI/CD seamlessly integrates security best practices and tools into the CI/CD pipeline, mitigating financial and reputational risks while optimizing cost.

Embrace managed penetration testing services to enhance software security posture, eliminate security risks, and optimize business continuity.

Cloud Security

Secure your cloud infrastructure and protect your data and applications with our comprehensive cloud security service. We will help you to identify misconfigurations in your cloud environment, reducing risk of unauthorized access, breaches, and cyber threats, thus enhancing overall security.

Third Party & Supply Chain Risk Management

Our service specializes in developing strategies that enable you to identify, assess, mitigate, and manage risks across your third-party and supply chain operations, ensuring business continuity and resilience.

Security Tools Distribution

Our security tools distribution as a service offers a smooth and cost-effective process of bringing various security tools together and ensuring they function seamlessly in your environment.


A one-stop automated testing solution that lets you test several applications — web, desktop, Java apps, SAP apps, mobile and API — or in any combination.

Performance testing

Performance testing services meticulously assesses system capability under real-world workloads, revealing optimization potential and stability measures.


Azure CI/CD

Azure CI/CD empowers development teams to automate code build, test, and deployment processes, fostering a seamless DevOps workflow.

IBM Netcool

Netcool service offers end-to-end management with expert help in planning, customizing, deploying, and supporting IBM Netcool solutions, including system integrations.


ICDC Hybrid Cloud Platform

ICDC is a versatile open-source cloud platform that empowers businesses to optimize IT costs, enhance agility, and foster seamless cloud service management.

Cloud environment and application deployment & Support

Manage cloud deployment, system setup, monitoring, and support, including OS/software installation, network configuration, documentation, and security in hybrid environments.

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