Custom Enterprise Solutions

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Business Process automation and integration

Our service is using Camunda for scalable process automation, we enhance business & IT collaboration and efficiently refine business processes for company and employee benefit.

EasyRPA is an implementation-first Robotic Process Automation platform, designed for the development, deployment, running, and monitoring of modern software robots.

RPA process automation based on Blue Prism/ WorkFusion

Our service offers streamlined RPA automation using Blue Prism/WorkFusion, ensuring fast, error-free business process management within your budget and time constraints.

Enterprise Integration Solutions

Our Enterprise Integration Solutions provide effective integration and data synchronization for medium and large enterprises, improving scalability and process efficiency while reducing costs and time-to-market.

Our service specializes in web development, creating responsive, user-friendly corporate web applications tailored to your business needs, ensuring a powerful and engaging online presence.

Enterprise Applications Modernization (Java, .NET)

The service is to support a process of transforming an existing monolithic application into a set of loosely coupled services that communicate with each other through well-defined interfaces.

Cloud Applications Migration

The service empowers organizations to embrace cloud computing, leveraging advanced capabilities for innovation, business growth, and cost-effective scalability with enhanced data security and operational efficiency.

Domino Platform Modernization

Our service expertly handles Domino Platform Modernization based on modern cloud native solutions, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal downtime and optimized application performance in the new environment.

Platforms for corporate functional services

Our service helps customers plan, implement, and develop new Maximo applications, features, and integrations, as well as support, maintain, and migrate existing Maximo applications.

Mobile Devices

Our service offers tailored mobile solution development to help small and medium-sized businesses attract new customers and enhance loyalty through user-friendly mobile apps, distinguished by our industry expertise, rapid market deployment, and extended warranty support.

IOT Applications

Our service provides designed and developed cutting-edge IoT applications, giving you up to date solutions that build connectivity and functionality across various devices and platforms.

Tailored Mobile Apps for telecom retail are specifically developed to accelerate customer service, minimize the need for extensive physical space, and offer cost-effective solutions with robust security measures for customer identity verification.

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