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If you would like a job in a fast–paced and technological environment, then IBA Group has good career opportunities for you. Being a leading international IT service provider, IBA Group is striving to be a workplace of choice for the best IT professionals who enjoy and care about their job at IBA Group.


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We conduct several stages of interviews in order to clarify our vacancy and understand how your skills match the position.

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IBA cares about its talented and qualified personnel. Being a people–centered company, IBA Group provides its employees with healthy and comfortable working conditions and a friendly environment with a full scope of individual attention.

IBA Group offers a benefit package commensurate with the contribution that our employees make to our global success.

The IBA Group staff is composed of leading industry professionals who combine creative resourcefulness, strategic business thinking, and technical expertise. For gray–haired gurus and young professionals of software development, project management, business analysis, and quality assurance, IBA Group creates a unique working environment. IBA Group leverages the synergy of experience and innovation to attain higher margins and to ensure success for the customers.

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We at IBA Group realize that the success of our company depends on the combined talents and performance of our employees. Teamwork is another fundamental concept that stands out. We encourage our staff members to work cooperatively as a team and develop to the best of their abilities.

IBA Group is dedicated to developing, rewarding, and promoting top talent. In addition to salaries, bonuses, and trainings at leading IT companies, IBA employees that demonstrate outstanding achievements are praised at special events.

IT Students of  Czech Univesities take part in IBA Training Programms.

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At IBA Group, we understand that good relations with the society in which we live and work are ultimately important for our continued business success. Only through deepened relationships with and between employees, customers, suppliers, investors, and the community can the company maintain its public confidence.

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