Сamunda Breakfast with IBA Group


This event brought together an expert community of business process automation using Camunda and real business leaders in one place.


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From Data Chaos to Business Insights


Navigate the complexities of data management with ease. Our goal is to simplify tech concepts such as cloud migration, lakehouse, and predictive analytics for you, offering a transformative guide for your enterprise.


Is your business protected from cyber threats?


Use our free security assessment report to protect your business. IBA experts will review your security measures and suggest areas for improvement at no cost. You will receive a comprehensive report detailing the three most critical vulnerabilities, along with personalised recommendations.


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A Blueprint for Modernizing Manufacturing & Retail


Get your free white paper copy — optimize your manufacturing and retail processes with Robotic and Intelligent Process Automation


30 Partners Trust tapXphone


TapXphone is a SoftPOS Solution to Evolve Your Business.

Payments with tapXphone are fast, convenient, and secure, with no hidden fees. You can offer tapXphone to individual entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large companies.


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Goods Checker Ecosystem


For automated merchandising processes.

Plan merchandising activities and process 100% of visits to sale points, use computer-aided vision to analyze goods and SKUs on shelves, and make decisions based on accurate and complete data.


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Visual Flow for Building ETL Pipelines


An ETL tool powered by Apache Spark on Kubernetes.

Simplify ETL with a Drag-and-Drop interface. Visual Flow reuses Argo Workflows, Kubernetes orchestration, and Spark ETL. Scale at the Speed of Data.


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Why IBA Group


IBA Group is recognized by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) as one of The Global Outsourcing 100 in the Leaders Category, as well as included in the Best of The Global Outsourcing 100 in 2019.


IBA has achieved ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for Design, Development, Delivery and Maintenance of Software and Automated Information Systems.


IBA Group offers a portfolio of proprietary products that address different customers’ needs. Our software products are designed using the latest technologies and proven techniques.


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