Data Management, Analytics, and AI

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Data management solutions

Transform intricate data landscapes into clear, actionable insights. Service strategy propels your business in the data-driven age, improving your analytical processes and driving business growth and efficiency.

Optimize infrastructure costs and address limitations imposed by legacy systems and on-premise constraints with the help of our wide array of tools and best practices. This enables seamless migration without impacting your business operations from the first release.

Low-code open source ETL solution powered by Apache Spark.

Smart Cloud

Elevate cloud efficiency with IBA Group’s Smart Cloud service. Seamlessly manage multi-cloud environments for strategic decision-making and cost-effectiveness.

Analytical solutions

Empower your business decisions by transforming complex financial data with our expert analytics, turning information into strategic assets. Ensure that every piece of data contributes to the strength and agility of your business operations.

Reveal hidden patterns, turning data into actionable insights for enhanced customer engagement, precise sales forecasting, and smarter business strategies.

BI Solutions Migration Service

Design personalized strategies to assess your BI environment and construct a migration plan. Leveraging a wide range of advanced tools and proven practices, our experts focus on your business needs to migrate into new BI environments and versions.

IOT Real Time Analytics

Timely and well-informed decisions, rapid response to unfolding events, and real-time data analysis are key to maintaining a competitive edge.

Recommendation systems

Document processing/NLP (printed)

Enhance your business capabilities by automating the extraction of key insights from textual content. This streamlines data categorization, speeds up decision-making, and improves efficiency.

Intelligent Bots

Boost your company’s efficiency with Intelligent Bots, providing rapid and precise responses from your knowledge base through an intuitive chat interface. A smart move for progressive businesses.

Computer Vision Solutions Development

Strengthen machines with the ability to interpret visual data and make intelligent decisions. Transform business by introducing automation, elevating operational efficiency, and providing enriched analytical perspectives.

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