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Transform your business landscape by turning data into actionable insights through our advanced technical practices.

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What can improve your business in today’s data-driven world?

With a centralized and powerful data solution developed by IBA Group experts, navigating vast oceans of information becomes a breeze.

Our dedicated team of experts specializes in creating tailored Data Lake and Warehouse solutions that stand out in the market.

With our innovative approach and deep expertise, your entire business will benefit and stay ahead in the competition.

IBA Group will be your strategic partner, providing a range of advanced services to support your progress towards integrated and efficient data management.

Benefits of Modern Data Lake and Warehouse Usage

The implementation of Modern Data Lake and Warehouse will help you to improve:

Enhanced Data Integrity


What you get


Warehouses and lakes merge varied data into one consistent format, ensuring precise decision-making. Moreover, these systems pinpoint and amend data errors, guaranteeing trustworthy analytics.

Reduced Value delivery costs


What you get


Centralized storage minimizes data repetitions, saving on storage and management expenses. Additionally, by streamlining processes, firms optimize the use of their tech assets.

Scalability & Adaptability


What you get


Our experts can help you adapt to expanding data needs, allowing for business growth. Their flexibility also ensures easy integration with diverse data sources and evolving tech trends.

Innovation & Market Edge


What you get


Emphasizing a data-centric approach, these solutions foster innovation across business sectors. With immediate access to comprehensive data, businesses gain a significant competitive edge.

End-to-end Cloud Data Platform from IBA Group team

Our Cloud Platform for Data Lake development provides a comprehensive framework and a user-friendly web studio, ideal for creating and enhancing Lakehouse solutions. It allows for the building of Data Lakes from scratch using advanced data engineering and orchestration techniques, with support from top cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, and GCP. 

The platform includes a suite of tools for various data management needs, ensuring quick and efficient setup. Designed for simplicity, it requires minimal analytical and data modeling skills, making data access more democratic. Additionally, the platform is cost-effective, optimizing resource usage for efficiency.

Interested in enhancing your data strategies?

100%Data Management projects successfully delivered by the IBA Group team
54%of organizations have implemented Data Warehouse solutions, marking it as the most utilized data solution
57%of companies implements Data Lake services to drive strategic decisions and organizational change

Modern Data Lake and Warehouse Service Roadmap

1/ Assessment

Before any technical implementation, we evaluate the specific business needs the solution will address. This ensures the subsequent phases are aligned with the primary goals of the organization.

2/ Designing data Storage architecture

Initial business needs analysis helps in crafting a model that resonates with the specific use case. Experts decide on the architectural pattern, a choice largely determined by the volume of data intended for storage.

3/ Integration of data sources

Seamless integration of diverse data sources ensures comprehensive data accessibility. By unifying files, API data, and databases, we pave the way for holistic data insights.

4/ BI Solution

Implementing Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, leveraging them to extract valuable business insights from the integrated data sources.

5/ Testing and QA

Rigorous testing to ensure that the architecture, integrated sources, and BI solutions function as expected. Quality Assurance (QA) ensures that the solutions meet the established standards and requirements.

6/ Automation and Scaling

Streamlining processes through automation, allowing for more efficient data handling and the extraction of insights. As the business grows, the solution scales accordingly to manage increasing data loads and analysis needs.

Alongside main steps, our extra services help keep your data systems up-to-date, efficient, and ready for the future:

Factors Influencing the Project

Understanding these factors is essential for estimating the project’s timeline accurately



– The specific needs and objectives of the project
– Pre-established deadlines or time constraints
– The number of team members allocated
– Selected technologies and platforms
– The intricacy of the planned solution



– Technologies to be utilized
– The breadth and complexity of the project
– Priority or urgency level of the project’s completion
– The chosen approach to project engagement and collaboration
– The selected cloud platform for developing the data solution


Explore our range of technical alternatives for your requests and system challenges, each recommending the best Data Lake and Warehouse solutions for your business needs.


  • Modern Data Warehouse
  • Data Lake
  • Lakehouse
  • Data Mesh
  • Data Fabric

Data Processing

  • Customized pipelines
  • Streaming

Data Storage

  • NoSQL databases
  • MPP databases


  • On-Premises
  • Cloud (Azure, GCP, AWS, etc.)
  • Hybrid

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frequently asked questions

If you’ve got any questions left unanswered, try looking here first — chances are, someone has already asked them for you, and you can get the answer you’re looking for right away!

What is a Data Warehouse?

A data management system for SQL-based analytics, optimized for the high-performance processing of structured and semi-structured data.

What is the difference between DWH and Data Lake?
A Data Warehouse (DWH) is structured for organized storage and analysis of structured data, optimized for SQL queries and designed for business intelligence purposes. In contrast, a Data Lake stores raw, unstructured, and structured data in its native format, offering more flexibility for diverse data types but requiring more processing for analysis.
How does data get integrated into Data Warehouses or Data Lakes?
Integration involves ETL processes, with lakes accepting diverse formats and warehouses necessitating structured data transformation.
What kind of data can be stored and analyzed?
Data Lakes store and manage a wide range of data, from text to video, while warehouses are limited to structured and certain semi-structured data types.

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