HR Data Migration to the Cloud for an IT company


Our client’s company struggled with scattered HR data across its diverse systems and departments. This decentralization hindered comprehensive HR analytics and efficient talent management. As a solution, the client needed HR data migration to the Cloud, aiming for cohesive data management and enhanced decision-making.


Software & IT


  1. Merging data from diverse HR platforms
  2. Navigating multiple disparate HR systems, which had created data redundancies and inconsistencies, making it hard to extract a single source of truth
  3. Development of data flow mappings
  4. Data quality management implementation
  5. Data masking for personally identifiable data based on access level
  6. ETL design and implementation data integration into the global DWH solution
  7. Making sure that the cloud-based HR solution was compatible with other business tools and systems used in different departments, which was crucial for holistic business operations


Build SaaS for offices all over the world to manage the administrative processes required to track and support employees


  1. HR teams, managers, and employees have secure access to necessary data from anywhere and real-time analytics
  2. Migration for 39 countries implemented successfully, taking into account all regulations
  3. Developed, reinvented, and modernized the HR system for all HR-related tasks and procedures
  4. Advanced encryption and security protocols ensured sensitive HR data is protected
  5. Collaboration and self-service capabilities make employees more engaged in teamwork. Satisfaction has increased by 50%
  6. Various HR tools and applications were easily integrated, breaking data silos