IBA Group develops solutions to automate business processes of FMCG companies, improve customer service, provide access to up-to-date and accurate analytical data and improve KPIs.


Goods Checker

Ecosystem for automating merchandising processes: creating planograms, evaluating the shelf display and generating detailed analytics.

With Goods Checker, managers establish realistic KPIs and objectively evaluate employees; obtain information about actual situation in stores and on the shelves.

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tapXphone turns any NFC-enabled smartphone into POS terminal.

tapXphone helps you increase your customer base and simplify acceptance of contactless payments for them.

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Qlik, Tableau, SAP BO, IBM Cognos, Microsoft Power BI solutions

These systems help to extract useful knowledge and create competitive advantages from existing data, analyze data on a real time basis and make management decisions based on this analysis.

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SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud provides consolidation of various data sources in one analytical reporting package.

Profitability and Performance Management (PaPM) System

The solution helps to determine the profitability of products, business units, customers, identify profit drivers, predict the impact of various business strategies on profitability, and assess financial risks.

Marketing Mix Modelling

Solution for optimal allocation of marketing budget across media channels.

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Real-time marketing

The solution analyzes marketing campaigns, generates business rules based on customer data, and distributes personalized offers through customer-prioritized channels at the right time.

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Machine learning solution for customer profiling and customer base assessment

The system generates “profiles” of customers and classifies them into groups. The system generates a value model to target specific retention programs to customers.

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SAP Customer Experience

SAP CX helps to ensure well-targeted interaction with B2B and B2C segments and creates a unified customer communication across all channels: web, mobile applications, SMS, email and push messages.


Salesforce is a CRM platform that automates and streamlines sales, service, marketing, analytics, and customer relations tasks.

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The platform allows users to create, deploy, launch and control software robots. Processes are automated by developers, not business users.

Up to 5 RPA processes with no license fee

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Who We Are

About Us

30+years in IT industry
13development centers


Data Engineering

We develop software for the collection, storage, processing, search and visualization of data. Data Engineering helps build stable ETL and ELT processes for data mining and preparation for analytics systems, machine learning algorithms, Data Science. High-quality data becomes available in the proper form to the employees of your company.


Robotic process automation (RPA)

We develop, deploy and test robots to automate same-type business processes. RPA bots automatically classify and extract the necessary data from documents, fill out forms, compare information in corporate systems.

Data Science, Machine Learning and Computer Vision

We develop AI-powered solutions to predict sales, analyze the behavior and emotions of customers, create personalized promotions, determine the correct display of goods, etc.


Chat bots

We create voice assistants and chatbots for companies with a large number of customers. We use IBM Watson, Google, Yandex and other services. Solutions improve the quality of customer service, reduce call center costs and increase its efficiency.

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