Automation of Data Update for furniture dealer


The customer is a retailer of upholstered furniture. Employees regularly receive extensive lists of products: furniture with a description, reference number and price. They need to update the prices of these products in catalogs and stores across different regions. This needs to be done in the web application and in the mainframe. Previously, about 10 employees made all changes manually: they copied data from spreadsheets and published it on websites.

Business Challenge

Automate the updating procedure and save time of company employees for more important tasks.

Solution highlights

The procedure was automated on the EasyRPA platform. Now employees only prepare the initial spreadsheet and upload it to Google Drive folder. The robot monitors the folder every 20-30 minutes. When it extracts the data, it navigates the web applications and the mainframe and inserts the new prices in the right places. At the end, the robot submits a report to the manager with the results.

Project results

Now the solution is being prepared for putting into commercial operation.

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