IBA Group Builds Global Enterprise Data Warehouse and Provides 24/7 Support


Software & IT

Business Challenge

Development and support of Enterprise Data Warehouse, ETL processes and web application to process data.


IBA Group develops a financial planning and forecasting system for customer projects. A web application has been created for project managers to build financial forecasts. They also complete questionnaires and feedback forms used to assign statuses to the projects depending on their possible profitability/loss-making capability. After this data is processed, key performance indicators are generated. The reports generated by the system are submitted for verification to the company management.

A team of 30 developers and 10 technical support specialists is working on the project. They monitor ETL downloads around the clock and respond to user requests.

The system operates in five regions: USA, Asia, Europe, Japan and Latin America. Each region has individual ETL processes configured.


The system generates reports for the company management to determine financial forecasts for the next quarter.