SAP S/4HANA FICA Solution for Complex Invoicing


A global corporation of more than 250,000 employees implemented SAP FICA. However, this module fell short in efficient management of the output at an organization of such magnitude. In a strategic move to address the limitation, the company chose to enhance their SAP FICA capabilities with the expertise of a dedicated team of IBA Group’s SAP consultants and ABAP developers.


The existing SAP FICA did not support complex invoicing processes for each of the 25 countries individually. Moreover, it lacked vital functionality related to output control, including multiple time-shifted outputs per invoice within one correspondence container, customized output determination, print preview, output log, and archiving capabilities.

Solution Highlights

To address these challenges, IBA Group embarked on SAP S/4HANA FICA, developing additional functionality. We successfully replicated the output control functionality from SAP ECC SD and seamlessly integrated it in SAP S/4HANA FICA. This encompassed output determination customizing that includes requirements and access sequences.

We also introduced a user-friendly Fiori-based application for output monitoring, print preview, and a comprehensive archive viewer.

Eventually, this customized SAP solution underwent a thorough audit by SAP to ensure its effectiveness and reliability.

Key Results

The new SAP solution played a transformative role for the customer. It led to a significant decrease in the costs associated with mass invoicing processes, particularly in the realm of output control.

The modified Fiori-based user interface allowed the customer to shorten the time spent on invoice generation and access to archives, and substantially improved user experience.

Most importantly, the solution prevented an expensive overhaul in the invoicing process, which could be detrimental to the accounts receivable turnover ratio.

Reusing well-established processes, we minimized any negative business impact that could stem from oversimplified invoice processing in standard SAP FICA.