OpenText EDM System Upgrade


The upgrade of the electronic document management (EDM) system based on OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions 10.5 SP1 (on Oracle) to OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions 16 with enabled HANA DB.

Due to the lack of standard tools to transfer settings and data between Oracle DB and HANA, the customer invited IBA Group to perform the migration.

Project Overview

Total duration of the project on version upgrade and data migration was 15 business days. This short term of the project implementation was possible as IBA Group used a standard functionality and there was no need to perform any development in OpenText Content Server 10.5.

IBA Group installed new instances of OpenText xECM for SAP Solutions 16 for the development, testing, and production systems, and migrated settings and data from a legacy system.

IBA Group developed a number of programs and procedures for data downloading and uploading using the ABAP / 4 tools (SAP ECC 6.0) and SQL scripts (Oracle and HANA).

Project Results

IBA Group successfully installed new development, testing, and productive systems based on OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions 16. The new systems were integrated with the corresponding SAP systems.

In addition, IBA Group migrated all user data from the legacy version (10.5) of the production system. The data volume amounted to 27 GB and included about 16,700 documents with categories and their attributes.

Plans for Development
  1. Upgrade to new interfaces
  2. Employee training to learn new features of the system.


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