Master Data Management Using SAP MDG

Project Execution

The project was designed to improve the quality of data on business partners of a major oil and gas company through distribution of responsibilities and optimization of the procedures related to introduction, update, and approval of business partner data.

Within the project, the process of maintaining the master data on business partners of our customer built on SAP MDM was migrated to SAP Master Data Governance (SAP MDG). The process entails distribution of responsibilities among the initiators of data changes and the master data expert, whose task is to check the correctness of the requested changes and to make a decision as to approve or disapprove the change.

Project Results

To modify the client’s master data management, IBA Group implemented new functions using SAP MDG. The end users were assigned the responsibility to provide full and high quality information about business partners to master data experts, resulting in higher consistency of relevant information in the SAP ECC system.

As the implementation of SAP MDG did not affect other processes in the SAP ECC system, the customer was able to avoid the risks of system failure or shutdown.

An integrated testing of the entire process with all key users in attendance was conducted. IBA Group trained the customer staff of 18 company’s branches in a video conference, involving the maximum number of end users.

Plans are underway to migrate all master data of our customer to SAP MDG.

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