IBA Group develops real-time monitoring and production performance analysis systems, implements product lifecycle management tools, automates organizational management, document flow, personnel record keeping, procurement management, and other business processes of manufacturing enterprises. We have implemented more than 10 projects for our customers from the USA, Great Britain, Czech Republic, and other countries.



The Start Point product allows you to create a single digital environment for different specialists to work on a product collaboratively.

Manage the product lifecycle, track the product from its design to disposal, manage electronic document flow for engineering data and product data archive.

The Start Point product allows your employees to obtain approval for product drawings and models rapidly, ensure products’ compliance with standards, keep defect records, and route data to enterprise production systems.

Create a digital product twin and simulate an object’s real operating status.  Using a digital twin, enterprises test technical and technological changes and reduce the number of physical tests on real objects.



Use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to control product quality at all production stages, specifically, perform testing and measurement of each component on the conveyor line. The system helps you to detect defective products and equipment failures at early stages and prevent line downtime, substandard product release, and material overconsumption.



The EM&R (Equipment Maintenance and Repair) solution allows you to perform repairs based on the equipment status, use predictive techniques, calculate equipment failure risks and create estimation models of unit depreciation. Artificial intelligence compares current values against the ones in a trouble report log and predicts equipment failures.

Using the Asset Walker Information System, you will be informed of equipment status and stock at any time. Supervise how on-site teams execute work and comply with safety procedures.

The Metrix product allows you to accelerate the scheduling of metrological confirmations, routine preventive repairs and processing of the data obtained, as well as save metrologists from performing routine repetitive tasks.



The IBA HOTD expert system will help you harmonize and enrich goods and material records. Every time you try to enter new data or change the existing ones, the system will display the right options and prevent item duplication or its incomplete description. Reduce your costs for master data maintenance, speed up data harmonization in enterprise systems and improve your decision-making process.  Due to efficient inventory control, the enterprise avoids over-and under-stocking of goods.



Reduce operating expenses, shorten your procurement cycle, and create a single information environment for procurement management. Your employees will be able to see suppliers’ rating and track the reporting process. The solutions helps to reduce errors in documents and improve the interaction with suppliers.



This solution allows you to maintain the required indoor climate: the level of illumination, temperature, humidity, pressure, and carbon dioxide. Using it, managers will obtain online information about control areas and be able to affect labour conditions to meet regulatory requirements.

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SAP-based solution implementation and maintenance

We develop solutions based on SAP applications, migrate enterprise systems to SAP S/4HANA, deploy and maintain the introduced applications.

Implementation and maintenance of ERP systems

We develop enterprise resource planning systems based on SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business Objects. We implement Notes/Domino, WebSphere and DB2-based IBM solutions, as well as introduce solutions for industrial DBMSs based on Oracle Database.

Development of master data management systems

We develop master data management systems based on our own solutions and SAP MDG, MDM, BPM, and PO. We automate data cleansing and enrichment using IBA HOTD, Business Objects Data Services, Information Steward.

Development of BI systems

We design and implement enterprise data warehouses and analytical systems based on IBM Cognos BI, SAP BO, Oracle BI, Tableau, QlikView/Sense, Opensource (Pentaho, Microsoft PowerBI, Jaspersoft BI, and others).

Development of enterprise content management systems

We develop enterprise content management (ECM) systems using our own solutions, IBM Content Foundation, Adobe Experience Manager and integrate them with SAP systems.

Implementation of Industry 4.0 technology

We design cloud and on-premise solutions based on IoT (the Internet of Things), blockchain, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics technologies.

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