Cloud Data Lake for a Pharmaceutical Company


In the early stages, our client's business leaned heavily on traditional data storage solutions. Their CRM and merchandising data sprawled across disparate systems, making a unified view elusive. As the business scaled, so did the data challenges. To stay ahead of the market, the client needed a centralized, efficient data management platform




  1. Implementing data processing techniques and methodologies to calculate pivotal KPIs
  2. Interactive Dashboard redesign on the QlikSense platform, to provide intuitive insights for stakeholders
  3. Ensuring that the data solutions not only met the operational needs but also adhered to stringent pharmaceutical regulations
  4. ETL design and implementation data integration into the global DWH solution
  5. Implement streamlined data processes


  1. Create a centralized data solution with Data Lake for CRM and merchandising data
  2. Redesign sales activity, product visibility and distribution dashboards for finance analytics and managers for future optimal purchases


  1. By centralizing and streamlining data, the pharmaceutical company derives x2 quicker insights from clinical trials
  2. Improved product visibility and placement
  3. Consolidated data system facilitates easier and more accurate reporting, ensuring compliance with global regulatory standards
  4. Automated and enhanced control of merchandising activities by identification of planogram compliance issues
  5. No more time wasted searching for data across multiple systems. Our teams could now focus on analyzing the data and deriving actionable insights
  6. The client benefits from significant cost savings in terms of both infrastructure and manpower