Ecosystem for Self-training of Employees at an International Corporation

Business Challenge

Employees of the company should devote about 40 hours a year to self-study. It is required to develop a platform that will help them to do this.


To help employees learn and improve their professional competencies, a learning ecosystem has been developed. It works as follows. An employee enters the application and searches for something related to his/her professional activities. For example, a front-end developer might request React courses. The system offers either ready-made courses or a training plan: for example, to become a good front-end developer, you need to master HTML, CSS, etc. Employees who take courses provide feedback after training and assign scores. All data is downloaded from the system for analysis, which allows making recommendations to employees with a similar specialization or field of activity.

The system has proven itself well within the company, so it was decided to offer it to other enterprises to organize self-training of employees. To do this, we developed an application that can be deployed to a third-party customer.

Training content for the system is prepared by teams that are engaged in content management and prepare training programs. There are also third-party services connected to the system. To use the system, we developed a mobile application and a browser extension that allows sharing an interesting course or material.


Introduction of a system that helps employees learn and improve their skills has had a positive impact on the efficiency of self-training. With every year, the average number of hours that employees spend on training is growing.

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