For more than 10 years IBA Group has offered a full cycle of mobile app development services. We have been developing mobile apps for large businesses like banks and industrial enterprises as well as for middle and small-grade companies.

Our Mobile Development Expertise


Provide opportunities for remote work

Company employees can work with business documents (e.g. leave notes and handwritten text) remotely using their mobile devices.

Offline mode allows users to process documents even without Internet connection. Once online again, the app automatically synchronizes data with the server ensuring that no user’s work is lost.

Attract new customers

A company provides a mobile app to its customers to engage them more in the offered services.

A new electronic channel either an online ticketing system or online an transportation timetable allows a business to acquire new customers.

Optimize cost and time on routine tasks execution

Manufacturing enterprise provides a mobile app to its workers that helps inspect items, record inspection results, take photos of defective items and send data to enterprise backend systems for further processing.

Transfer money electronically in a secure way

Financial organization’s clients can request and/or send money transfers using a mobile app.

On the one hand, user experience is lean and robust; on the other hand – transactions are secure and easy to track by authorized authorities.

Outsourcing app development is a great choice if done properly

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TapXphone. Evolution of Contactless Payments

TapXphone is a solution that enables a smartphone with an NFC chip to work as a point of sales (POS). The solution includes an Android mobile application and a Back-end System. Find out detailes about tapXphone here.

Contact us if you need more information about tap to/on phone or soft pos technologies.

Business Case: IBA Group's own product for public transportation

IBA Group decided to create its own mobile app to integrate with public transportation companies’ backend services to visualize live data on public transport arrival and movement.

Users can track public vehicles online, check vehicle and bus stop schedules, choose their preferred transport types and plan their itineraries for their commute. The app is flexible enough in terms of integrations with various data providers.

Business Case: Shipment management mobile application

We developed a mobile app for an international shipping and container transportation company. The solution allows customers access and manage their shipments on the go.

Business Case: Tyre manufacturer cuts down expenses

A worldwide tyre manufacturer regularly inspects tyres to enable the regrooving process for the tyres. With the help of the native Android mobile application created by us, a plant worker can scan tyre bar codes, inspect tyres, take photos of defective items and record all the information in the mobile app that sends the data to the SAP backend for further processing by plant managers.

Business Case: IBA Group automates the analysis of shelf display for one of tobacco brand

Goods Checker analize types of goods and SKUs on store shelves using neural networks and computer vision, comparing realograms with planograms. It helps merchandisers to work more efficiently using mobile application Check&Go.

Recognition accuracy ranges from 90% to 98% depending on the category of products and the quality of photos.


Business Case: Bank cards processing center goes mobile to promote their payment system

A bank cards processing center requested a mobile solution for Android and iOS to enable parents and their kids to exchange funds via a mobile app to promote their own electronic payment system.

We suggested a Flutter cross-platform app to fulfill this request. In a nutshell, a kid requests a fund transfer from their parents by providing a textual request description and (optionally) a photo. In addition to this core feature we developed possibilities for parents to track their kids’ location, control entering/leaving geofencing, and watch battery level.

The app integrates with Java and SAP backend and uses a public service for bank client identification with a mobile phone or passport data.

Business Case: A company speeds up documents processing

We developed an iPad app that is a mobile client for the IBA Group’s own document management system called “Chancellor”.

Our client’s employees can work with documents remotely, regardless of whether they are online or offline. Users can download documents to their mobile devices, leave comments and add handwritten notes. Once online, the system automatically synchronizes data with the server.

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    Native Android Mobile Applications Development

    Why Android?

    Android is the most widespread platform in the world’s smartphone market. Your business can reach a huge client base by designing a professional and user friendly Android application.

    Whatever is your business domain is, our team is ready to help you develop a robust solution that works flawlessly on the majority of Android-powered devices and integrate it with your backend servers.

    Android Powered Devices we Support

    Our experts are capable of developing applications for any Android-powered screen: smartphone, tablet, watch, TV, car, even your custom hardware.

    Our Android Team

    There are real Android experts with 10+ years of experience on our team who are willing to solve complex problems with simple and intelligent solutions covering geofencing, offline mode, bluetooth devices integration, biometric security, power consumption effectiveness, mobile payments, maps.

    We employ the best engineering techniques and follow the latest trends in the Android universe: API level upgrades, frameworks, and tools, which allows us to create clean code that is easy to maintain.

    Your Android Team Growth

    If you already have a team of Android developers we can help grow your team quickly, ensuring continued quality and efficiency.

    Our Android Technological Stack

    Programming Languages
    KotlinJavaLua C++
    SMP (SAP Mobile Platform)Retrofit Dagger2


    Jenkins SonarQubeGradle 
    Android StudioEclipse Visual Studio Code 

    Native iOS Mobile Applications Development

    Why iOS?

    Apple’s iOS powers various devices like iPhone and iPad and offers innovative features and optimum user experience.

    Developing a mobile-first solution for your business allows you to reach a global audience in the Apple App Store and keep your customers engaged due to full support of device-specific features.

    Complete Application Lifecycle

    We offer you cross-functional teams for iOS apps development with all the skills required to create an app from an idea to AppStore presence: business analysis, UX/UI design, development, DevOps, testing, project management.

    We have already developed apps in various business domains like logistics, banking, and finance, transportation and delivery, ticketing. So, we’d like to share our knowledge for these domains or learn from you regarding your own specific business model.

    Our iOS Team

    Our iOS development team keeps up with recent updates from Apple and is able to create an iOS app fully compliant with all the Apple guidelines for design and coding.

    We create robust apps which are power effective, network speed optimized, compatible with a wide range of iOS powered devices. We take advantage of iOS-specific features like iCloud, Apple Pay, Sign in with Apple, Wallet, Biometrics, Siri, iBeacon, Bluetooth, which will benefit your business.

    Apple Ecosystem

    We provide our services not only for iOS apps development but for the whole Apple ecosystem featuring macOS, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Car. Should you need apps for these platforms please talk to us.

    Our iOS Technological Stack

    Programming Languages
    Swift 5.0ObjectiveC, Swift 5.0  
    SwiftUIReactiveX / RxSwift / RxJSCoreMLGraphQL
     Xcode / Xcode command line tools / Xcode server

    Cross-platform Mobile Applications Development

    Cross-platform Tech Growth

    Cross-platform technologies for mobile applications development have recently taken a huge step forward. Modern cross-platform apps offer an almost native user interface and experience, they are fast, easy to support.

    Going cross-platform could be a smart move for your business as this strategy could reduce time to market and costs.

    Flutter Benefits

    With Flutter, we can target iOS and Android with the same skill set of Dart (Flutter programming language). Code reuse ratio can get as high as 90% and above.

    Even if there is a need to develop a custom component (plugin) specific either for Android or for iOS we can implement this with help of our experienced Android/iOS engineers.

    Google’s Flutter Toolkit

    Our cross-platform team mainly specializes in Flutter Google’s toolkit. This tooling allows developers to build beautiful and natively compiled applications for Android and iOS from a single codebase. Web, desktop and embedded devices are also supported.

    Flutter features the following key benefits:

    • Fast development, Stateful Hot Reload allows painting an app to life in milliseconds.
    • Expressive and flexible UI.
    • Native performance, Flutter code is compiled to native ARM machine code.

    Flutter is used around the world to build apps, some examples are Google, eBay, BMW, Alibaba.

    Mobile Applications Testing Services

    Our Testing Services

    We deliver a complete range of testing services to make sure your software meets all the established quality requirements:

    • functional testing;
    • compatibility testing;
    • security testing;
    • performance testing;
    • usability testing.

    Wide Hardware Range

    We host a wide range of hardware to execute the designed test cases in real-world situations like bad cellular coverage, low battery cases, interruptions with calls, and other apps.

    Automated Testing

    We specialize in automated testing using Appium with tests written in Python. Test automation brings you the following benefits: larger test coverage, quick detection of critical errors, saving resources in long term perspective, opportunity to release builds faster.

    Mobile Applications UX/UI Design

    Our Design Process

    1. Before we propose a solution we try to understand what is the problem that a mobile solution targets, how users are going to interact with an app. We research competitors and user groups, create logical flow diagrams, interaction scenarios, sketch wireframes, and clickable prototypes.
    2. Once the analysis phase is done, we switch to UI design featuring UI kit creation, screens mockup design, A/BV, and split testing.
    3. During the development phase our UX/UI experts stay in close contact with developers to make sure the final solution is pixel perfect and completely adheres to mockups.
    4. In the app publishing phase our designers create marketing materials for store listings including apps screenshots, promo videos, application icons.

    Following De Facto Standards

    We normally follow Apple’s Human Interface Design and Google’s Material guidelines as these are the de facto proven standards in the mobile world.

    Our Design Toolset

    Some software tools we use in our work: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Sketch, Corel Draw, Axure, Cinema 4D, Principle, Zeplin, InVision, Balsamique.

    Mobile Applications Consultancy

    Our Services

    • Consultancy services typically include the following:
    • Compatibility research
    • Mobile projects estimation in terms of cost, time, and resources
    • Usability audit
    • Security audit
    • App architecture and source code audit
    • IT infrastructure audit
    • Market competitiveness analysis
    • App Store Optimization
    • Integrations with backend software vendors like SAP, IBM, HCL

    Planning Mobile Strategies

    We help our clients plan their mobile strategies based on their IT and business environments. For example, we advise our clients which platform could be the most effective for their circumstances: either native stack or cross-platform.

    Should you have an idea for your startup we’re ready to support you during feasible prototype/MVP/Proof-of-Concept creation.

    Project Management Methods

    We specialize in classical (PMBOK) and Agile (Scrum, Kanban) project management methods. Once you need a consultancy on your mobile project organization, we can support you in this area as well.


    1Business needs analysis

    We analyze the needs of your business and current business processes, propose optimized business processes, define high-level solution.

    2Project estimation

    We discuss requirement details, define project objectives, challenges, risks and ways of handling them, estimate project schedule and costs.


    We negotiate final project costs, terms and agreements. Sign the contract.

    4UI/UX and technical design

    We create a prototype of the future application, define and document architectural decisions.

    If there is a need to take over the development of an existing application or connect a new application to an existing backend, we organize knowledge transfer to understand the already available parts of the software.

    5Development and testing

    The development process is transparent. You receive progress reports on a regular basis.

    After project implementation, we train your personnel to work with the new system.

    6Maintenance and support

    We negotiate terms and costs of system maintenance and support.