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Mainframe Application Support

The Mainframe Application Support Service implies end-to-end process of incident analysis and resolution, code change, verification and deployment that allows to outsource non-core activities, turnkey, according to SLA (L2/L3 support).

z/OS® Mainframe System Support

z/OS® Mainframe System Support provides installation, customization, and maintenance of IBM z/OS® operating systems and products, according to SLA.

Mainframe-based System Decommission

Mainframe-based System Decommission provides full decommission cycle including discovery phase, communication with upstream and downstream applications, suspending activities, archiving the data, deletion of applications assets.

Application Modernization

Extension of Mainframe Applications to Web Users

Extension of Mainframe Applications to Web Users provides E2E development of WEB-based services and modern User interfaces while keeping existing business logic on Mainframe.

The Mainframe DevOps Service builds automated CI/CD pipelines to considerably improve delivery process for mainframe applications. It includes a version control system, analysis and monitoring tools integration, build, test and deployment automation.

Mainframe API for Modern Enterprise Solutions Service provides solution to extend mainframe business-critical applications through REST APIs for consumption by new services on-premises or in the cloud using microservices approach.

Cloud Migration

Mainframe Application Replatforming to Cloud Native

Mainframe Application Replatforming to Cloud Native provides complete migration of batch and online mainframe workloads, data, security rules, etc. to any cloud including replication of major z/OS® subsystems using partner solutions.

Mainframe Application Rehosting to Cloud

Mainframe Application Rehosting to Cloud provides E2E activities such as full rebuild, compliance with security standards, alignment with the latest versions of z/OS software, compilers, etc. to enable applications in Cloud environment.

Software Reverse Engineering

The Software Reverse Engineering Service analyzes and documents outdated systems, facilitating their modernization and reducing maintenance costs, offering a more efficient solution than internal efforts or automated tools.

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