Mainframe API for Modern Enterprise Solutions Service

Our Mainframe API for Modern Enterprise Solutions Service provides custom solution development and deployment, allowing businesses to access mainframe applications through APIs. As a CTO, you can drive value by integrating legacy systems with modern development, exposing mainframe business-critical applications and associated data to drive digital transformation.

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For over 25 years, our company has specialized in developing and supporting systems and applications in mainframe environments.

Our extensive experience includes maintaining and improving the powerful functionalities of mainframe systems, while also successfully leading projects to modernize them.

Enable Mainframe Modernization with Application Programming Interfaces


What you get?



APIs are the key enabler of mainframe modernization. They facilitate bidirectional communication with newer cloud-native services, enable iterative migration if it is chosen as a strategic approach and allow mainframes to edge closer to real-time processing.

Breathe new life into legacy systems with APIs and make them competitive with cloud-native and real-time architectures.

Boost Your Business Opportunities


What you get?



Reuse what works in new ways and bring fresh new services and products to market on the web or cloud without the heavy lifting typically involved in reinvention.

Unlock Your Mainframe’s Valuable Assets for Use Across Applications and Environments


What you get?



Let your mainframe be “integration friendly” as any other asset on-premise or in the cloud and have it participate in the fast-growing digital economy.

Expose, Enhance, Leverage and Extend Mainframe Applications


What you get?



API-enabling brings your mainframe applications into the spotlight by exposing applications’ capabilities, enhancing their features, leveraging their inherent strengths, and extending their functionality. This comprehensive approach ensures that your mainframe applications are not only optimized for current needs but are also future-proofed for upcoming demands and challenges.

Broad Expertise


What you get?



Our teams have synergetic expertise in mainframe, API, web and mobile development, microservices architecture. Along with this, we possess a thorough understanding of Agile and project management methodologies.

Low Risks, Predictable Results


What you get?



An API approach to the mainframe provides value without big architectural changes.
It does not require changes to mainframe assets to access core business-critical applications and associated data. The code responsible for the business logic will be reused and remain largely unchanged.

Increase Productivity and Operational Efficiency


What you get?



Boost your productivity and operational efficiency by enabling real-time data flow and connecting many-to-many applications across various platforms. Improve decision-making and induce quick business responses.

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Explore our diverse range of technologies. Learn more below.

Host stack

  • PL/1
  • C
  • REXX
  • JCL
  • Assembler
  • CICS®
  • IMS
  • IBM® MQ

Data management systems

  • DB2 for z/OS®
  • DB2 LUW
  • MS SQL Server
  • IMS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle®
  • MySQL

Technology stack

  • Java™ EE
  • C++
  • Bash
  • Shell
  • SQL
  • SQL PL
  • RPG


  • Zowe™
  • IBM® z/OS® Connect
  • IBM® CICS® Transaction Gateway
  • IMS Connect
  • DB2 Connect™

Supported systems

  • z/OS®
  • Linux family
  • AS/400
  • Windows family

Our Expertise in API Enablement

25+years in API enablement
250+highly qualified mainframe experts
15+projects implemented

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