Mainframe DevOps Service

Our Mainframe DevOps Service builds automated CI/CD pipelines to considerably improve the delivery process for mainframe applications. It includes an integration of a version control system, analysis and monitoring tools, and the automation of building, testing and deployment.

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With over 25 years of mainframe experience and a team of over 250+ mainframe experts, we offer the niche skills and comprehensive service you need.

We are highly flexible in choosing the necessary tools for creating a CI/CD pipeline: we take into account the client’s wishes, the tools already used in the environment, as well as all the latest open source tools (Zowe™ plug-ins, Jenkins, and more).

Decreased Time to Market



What you get?



With our service, you experience faster product development cycles, allowing you to introduce new offerings or updates more quickly than before. This agility enables you to respond promptly to market demands and stay ahead of your competitors.


Reduced Delivery Costs



What you get?



DevOps reduces manual effort and minimizes downtime by promoting collaboration and automation between development and operations teams. This ultimately leads to cost savings and improved IT infrastructure management.

Significant Improvement in Product Quality



What you get?



Continued testing should be the core element of your CI/CD pipeline. It improves consistency, shortening long manual test cycles, and reducing the risk of software defects entering the output code.


Improved End Customer Levels of Satisfaction with the Product



What you get?



Your customers are more satisfied with your products due to their improved quality and features. This not only builds loyalty, but also promotes positive word-of-mouth marketing and repeat business.

Increased Productivity of IT Teams



What you get?



Your IT teams become more efficient and productive in their tasks. This is achieved through automation, optimized workflows, and better resource management, ultimately leading to a higher output and better results.

More Time for Innovations



What you get?



DevOps can help drive innovation in your company. Finding errors in the early stages, through process automation, and fast delivery of the product, frees up developers’ time to experiment with new product features.

Tech Stack

As a Mainframe DevOps service provider, IBA Group has comprehensive technological expertise in mainframe and open-source technologies. It enables us to cover all Mainframe DevOps-related needs.

Tools for Creating CI/CD Pipeline

  • Jenkins®
  • Git
  • Docker
  • Testing frameworks
  • Other vendors’ DevOps tools

Plugins for Modern IDEs

  • ZoweTM Explorer extension for VS Code
  • IBM Z® Open Editor

Mainframe Languages and Tools

  • PL/I
  • PL/X
  • Java
  • C/C++
  • Metal C
  • REXX
  • SCLM
  • SMPE
  • JCL

Custom Plugins Development

  • ZoweTM Explorer plug-in for IntelliJ IDEATM
  • ZoweTM zDevOps plug-in for Jenkins®
  • ZoweTM JCL plug-in for IntelliJ IDEATM

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25+years of mainframe experience (z/OS®, CICS®, DB2, USS, IMS, etc.)
250+highly qualified mainframe experts
10+Mainframe DevOps projects successfully implemented

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