Mainframe Application Support Service

The Mainframe Application Support Service offers an end-to-end process of incident analysis and resolution, code change, verification and deployment. This allows the outsourcing of non-core activities, turnkey, according to SLA (L2/L3 support).

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Throughout our 25-year history of mainframe excellence, we have implemented over 100 projects in the area of mainframe application development and support.

Our specialists provide solid support experience to a range of different businesses in industries such as banking, logistics, insurance, and railway.

Our two z/OS solutions have received the European IT & Software Excellence Award several times.

On top of that, we have launched z/OS University, where we teach various courses (applied and system programming) to improve the mainframe expertise of potential and ongoing employees.

Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership


What you get?


Our expertise not only optimizes your mainframe investment, but also significantly reduces total cost of ownership.

24/7/365 Availability of Service


What you get?


Our support specialists ensure service availability 24/*7/*365 if necessary for your business.

Ensured Business Continuity


What you get?


Our service guarantees seamless business operations, ensuring that there are no disruptions to your critical processes.

No Recruitment or Training Overheads


What you get?


Our service can help your business to save on the costs and time associated with hiring, training and adopting new employees.

Greater Availability of Experienced Mainframe Resources


What you get?


Our team consists of true professionals with extensive experience in the development and support of mainframe business applications. Our knowledge and expertise will help your business to navigate through complex mainframe challenges efficiently.

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Our team has the wide range of skills and knowledge needed to provide excellent service:

Comprehensive Software Development and Support Expertise

Proficient in all stages of software development and support.

Software Design and Integration Skills

Skilled in software architecture, data modeling, and system integration.

25+ Years of Mainframe experience

Extensive experience in mainframe business application support, including L2/L3, 24/*7 on-call support, and disaster recovery support.

Agile & PM Understanding

Well-versed in Agile methodologies and project management techniques.

Application Modernization Experience

Experienced in using adaptors like IMS Connect and IBM® CICS® Transaction Gateway for application modernization.

Support for Various Business Industries

We have solid support experience in sectors such as banking, logistics, insurance, and railways.

Programming Languages

We’re proficient in a number of programming languages such as COBOL, PL/I, PL/X, Assembler, Java, C/C++, Metal C, and more.

Spoken Languages

We offer English and German speaking experts.


250+highly qualified mainframe experts
25+years of mainframe application development and support experience
100+Mainframe projects successfully implemented

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