Goods Checker

Ecosystem For Merchandising Process Automation

  • Shelf Eye computer vision module for data analysis of outlets, SKUs, merchandisers
  • Planogram handling Plano Creator module for creating, copying, and editing planograms
  • Check & Go module for setting up and monitoring tasks and routes of field personnel

What is Goods Checker?

Goods Checker is a SaaS based solution for FMCG manufacturers which automates all merchandising stages. With Goods Checker, managers are provided with up-to-date and trustworthy analytical data at all times, allowing them to make prompt and appropriate managerial decisions.

Goods Checker provides an opportunity to increase sales by up to 7%.

Up to 7%increase in sales of FMCG manufacturers products in retail
100%treatment of all merchandisers visits to points of sale
Up to 45%decrease in auditing and data processing time

Goods Checker product recognition software helps:

  • Optimize merchandising business processes and manage merchandisers’ visits to points of sale in less than 60 seconds
  • Obtain data on planogram displays, compare realograms and planograms in real-time, and quickly make changes due to high speed and quality of data processing
  • Increase sales volume through retail analytics, prompt data acquisition from outlets on their own and competitors’ products display, and greater involvement of merchandisers in the process
  • Stay one step ahead of competition by analyzing competitors’ SKUs and their shelf share
  • Integrate all the system modules with any necessary internal systems at the customer’s request
  • Save on hardware and its support by utilizing the IBA Group Data Center facilities, get technical support of programmers and data experts without hiring additional staff
  • Minimize the impact of human error in data processing.

What Does Goods Checker Consist Of?

  • Analysis of merchandising data of outlets, SKUs, merchandisers;
  • Shelf share analysis by category, brand, region;
  • 95%+ recognition of on-shelf goods;
  • Quick launch of new products — starting from the first day of sales;
  • Automatic real-time comparison of the display with the planogram;
  • Splicing multiple shelf photos into a single image;
  • Detecting shelf problems and promptly reporting on their causes: out-of-stock, equipment failure, etc.

  • Creation, planning, and editing of product display planograms;
  • High speed of planogram development (100 SKUs in 1 minute);
  • Planograms can be saved as XLS/XLSX or PDF;
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface.

  • Generation and control of merchandisers’ tasks;
  • Managing field personnel routes.

How Does Goods Checker Work?

1/ Merchandiser takes pictures of SKU shelf displays

2/ The pictures are uploaded to the IBA Group Data Center

3/ The artificial intelligence module analyses the pictures, performs product recognition, then makes assessments according to a pre-set scenario

4/ Goods Checker generates data and reports on the server side

5/ Users gain access to reports and analytics via web browser immediately after uploading a picture.

Our Expertise


Python, Tensorflow, OpenCV, Pytorch, R


Python, Tensorflow, OpenCV, Pytorch, R, Pillow, albumentations, scikit-image, numpy, pandas, scikit-learn, DLib, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, sqlalchemy, ZeroMQ, Kafka, pyexecerate, pyopenssl, contextlib2, flask, Docker, Apache Airflow, git, DVC, AngularJS, REST API


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