Goods Checker

Ecosystem For Merchandising Process Automation

Computer vision powered solution for FMCG/CPG manufacturers, distributors and merchandising agencies.

Goods Checker helps to recognize the correct layout, including availability or lack of goods on the shelves with an accuracy of 98%. The solution handles SKUs of all sizes and shapes.

Goods Checker generates detailed analytics with required breakdown and integrates with any BI system.

It takes only 2-3 weeks to launch a pilot project.

What is Goods Checker?

Goods Checker is a SaaS solution that automates all merchandising stages: creating and editing planograms, analyzing SKUs on store shelves, comparing layouts against planograms, and generating detailed analytics.

Thanks to Goods Checker, merchandisers conduct an audit of the outlet faster and better and analytical reports are based on accurate and reliable data that are available immediately after the audit.

Objective KPIs

Objective KPIs

Managers set realistic KPIs and perform objective assessment of merchandiser.

Causes of non-compliance with planograms

Causes of non-compliance with planograms

Managers track the reasons of non-compliance with planograms: being out of stock, broken equipment, etc.

Assessment of the actual situation on shelves

Assessment of the actual situation on shelves

Managers receive information about the actual situation in stores and on shelves: the share of the shelf occupied by your products and competitors’ products, the quality of work of employees.

Up to 7%increase in sales of FMCG manufacturers products in retail
100%treatment of all merchandisers visits to points of sale
Up to 45%decrease in auditing and data processing time

Goods Checker product recognition software helps:

  • Optimize merchandising business processes and manage merchandisers’ visits to points of sale in less than 60 seconds
  • Obtain data on planogram displays, compare realograms and planograms in real-time, and quickly make changes due to high speed and quality of data processing
  • Increase sales volume through retail analytics, prompt data acquisition from outlets on their own and competitors’ products display, and greater involvement of merchandisers in the process
  • Stay one step ahead of competition by analyzing competitors’ SKUs and their shelf share
  • Integrate all the system modules with any necessary internal systems at the customer’s request
  • Save on hardware and its support by utilizing the IBA Group Data Center facilities, get technical support of programmers and data experts without hiring additional staff
  • Controlling POS materials, both your own and those of your competitors
  • Minimize the impact of human error in data processing.

What Does Goods Checker Consist Of?

  • SKU recognition accuracy – over 95%
  • Analysis of the SKU since its launch
  • Analysis of merchandising data by outlets, SKUs, merchandisers
  • Analysis of price tags and promotional materials
  • Analysis of shelf share by category, brand, region
  • Competitor shelf share and SKU analysis
  • Analytics is created according to your requests: shelf share (yours and competitors), percentage of planogram compliance by region, etc.
  • Integration with any BI system
  • Reports are updated immediately after the outlet audit
  • Just a web browser is required to view the reports
  • Automatic comparison of layout against planogram in real time

Shelf Eye computer vision module

  • Easy and fast planogram creation
  • Convenient handling of planograms with a large number of outlets and types of equipment
  • Convenient category tree and search even with thousands of item names
  • Easily add new SKU and equipment; when adding, you can specify any parameters: barcode, height, width, etc.
  • Checking the planogram for correctness: products in the air, products with intersections with the shelf, overlapping products, a wide product on a small one
  • View the planogram in the mobile application
  • Planograms are available in the application immediately after being generated in Plano Creator and can be used for comparison against the layout

  • Selecting a retail outlet and making routes
  • Offline and online modes
  • Merging several photos of a long shelf into one and checking the quality of photos
  • Automatic comparison of layout against planogram in real time
  • Identification of problems on the shelves and prompt report on the causes: out-of-stock, equipment failure, etc.
  • Fraud protection

Shelf Eye computer vision module

How Does Goods Checker Work?

1/ Merchandiser takes pictures of SKU shelf displays

2/ The pictures are uploaded to the IBA Group Data Center

3/ The artificial intelligence module analyses the pictures, performs product recognition, then makes assessments according to a pre-set scenario

4/ Goods Checker generates data and reports on the server side

5/ Users gain access to reports and analytics via web browser immediately after uploading a picture.

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