Global IT company has automated marketing processes using the Unica platform Business Challenge


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Business Challenge

Support and internal configuration of Unica-based applications for automating marketing processes, and development of ETL applications to collect data from external systems and transfer them to CRM.


The IBA Group team includes 20 people. Experts are involved in product configuration; create offer templates, project templates, flowcharts. They also develop database models and all ETL processes, and integrate with CRM systems (Atlas, Gaia, Watson Health).

The customer’s website provides for mandatory sign in for customers seeking advice or downloading promotional materials. All customer information is stored in the database. Data is collected, sorted and sent to external system for verification. If it is an existing client, the system returns the user ID. For new clients it creates new IDs. Subsequently, all marketing campaigns are built based on user IDs.

A marketer can customize flowchart, a business logic that triggers further processes. The system makes a decision on each contact: either to immediately send it to CRM for handling by salesperson, or send e-mail with additional materials about the product of interest for the client.

If a customer wants to run an advertising campaign, it may select the appropriate audience from the database. For example, men over 40 who have recently looked into certain products and currently work in a company with more than 10,000 employees. This audience is used to customize emails or test calls.


The system is optimized to work with the largest number of Unica users in the world. This includes 1200 flowcharts that are simultaneously created by marketers around the world. Round-the-clock system utilization: customer offices are located in India, the USA, Romania, Japan and the Philippines.