SAP Custom Development Solution for Contract Management in SAP ERP on HANA


A gas transportation company with over 2,500 SAP users successfully implemented an SAP ERP on HANA. However, the standard contract management processes did not meet the client’s expectations. After a comprehensive analysis of various contract management options, the client made a strategic decision to enhance the functionality of the SAP ERP with a tailored contract management solution by IBA Group.


The existing SAP contract management was error-prone and time-consuming. In addition, the customer had numerous long-term contracts, each with more than 200 specific attributes. Furthermore, a crucial business requirement was to enable business users to view scanned copies of documents directly within the SAP ERP.

Solution Highlights

IBA Group engineered a new transaction designed for centralized contract processing based on SAP RCM. This SAP solution offered a range of beneficial features, including flexible customization of fields depending on the contract type and status, seamless integration with SAP documents that allowed for viewing all SAP objects related to the contract, and integration with OpenText ECM.

Key Results

The new SAP custom solution brought about transformative results. It established a single entry point for contract processing complemented with a user-friendly interface that significantly enhanced user satisfaction. Accountants gained the capability to create payment schedules and centrally control payments within a single transaction. Furthermore, the load on the database server noticeably reduced and users can conduct search based on document content, streamlining the process and increasing the overall efficiency.


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