Marketing Mix Modeling

Use Data Science instead of Excel

Marketing Mix Modeling is a solution for optimal distribution of marketing budget across media channels. Use Data Science instead of Excel. Project duration: 3-4 months.

Acquisition cost decreased by three times.

With the new media mix distribution, three times as many people came to stores.

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How Marketing Mix Modeling works

1/ Input data

Provide us with advertising campaign amounts in breakdown by the type of advertising, number of clients/sales volumes in previous periods.

Data for at least 3 years at monthly/weekly basis.

2/ Marketing Mix Modeling Software

Based on your data and our expertise & vast experience in solving similar tasks.

3/ Factors decomposition

You will understand how various factors such as investments in media-channels, competitors’ activities, seasonality, etc. affect your customers and sales volumes.

4/ Outcome

You will receive a calculator for finding optimal marketing budget allocation by media-channels for your company.

Marketers now have an additional tool to evaluate ROAS – return on ad spend.

This parameter indicates the amount of income per dollar invested and helps to assess the performance of an advertising campaign.

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Business Challenges

Customer segmentation

Increase customer loyalty through personalized communication within similar customer groups.


Increase sales by offering related or complementary services.

Auto processing of all incoming text information

Reduce the cost of manual analytics of information in emails, social networks, forums, print media, etc.

Customer retention

Find out which customers are at risk of leaving and what will help to maintain their loyalty

Demand forecasting

Make sure you use the most accurate demand forecasting model.

Seeing the potential for increased efficiency and automation?


1Data sourcesDetermine Marketing Mix, spending for each of the channels and the results.
2Data normalization & calculationThe calculator must integrate and obtain data (for at least one month)
3Presentation of resultsR&D and model development

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