A Cloud Data Ocean Risk Analytic Reporting System for a Global Product Company in the Finance


The client’s company delivers a comprehensive array of financial solutions, encompassing online transactions and analytics. As it grew, the company faced challenges with data consolidation across various platforms, timely data-driven decision-making and couldn't evolve to align with global economic trends and tech-driven innovations.


Finance & Banking


  1. Seamlessly blending modern solutions with the financial institution’s existing legacy systems
  2. Providing systems that can handle exponential data growth without performance hitches
  3. Navigating changes in financial regulations across regions
  4. Continuously innovating in a rapidly evolving technology landscape
  5. Data Ocean Design based on the Data Vault methodology
  6. Presentation Layer Design for reporting systems – Mart and Dimensions
  7. Row Level Security implementation for secure access by end users to the reporting system


  1. Develop a Cloud-Based Financial Risk Analysis Platform
  2. Build Purchase to Pay Golden Model
  3. Design a User-Friendly Order-to-Cash Reporting System


  1. Optimized efficient data management, operational processes: transaction processing, risk assessment customer service
  2. Enabled data scientists and other programmers to leverage innovations such as AI and ML efficiently
  3. Created a data model for deep analysis, strategic planning, and forecasting
  4. Built Purchase to Pay and Order to Cash Golden Models that allow end users to construct reports themselves in a BI tool