Tire Manufacturing Plant Implementation and Migration to the Cloud


Our client is a tire manufacturer with factories in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. The company uses different platforms and other digital channels to support its business in various areas: sales and marketing; suppliers and customers; logistics and tracking shipments, and more.




  1. Implementing data processing techniques and methodologies to calculate pivotal KPIs
  2. Raw Data Warehouse (RDWH) used traditional on-premises infrastructure for its extensive data needs. It had a three-tier overloaded database system
  3. A performance issue involved with creating an environment for application testing, as data cannot be easily or quickly copied from production to test
  4. Costly hardware and software licensing
  5. Interactive Dashboard redesign on QlikSense platform to provide intuitive insights for stakeholders


Create a platform to encourage self-service analytics and efficient data-driven decision processes


  1. Costs have been reduced by 30% annually
  2. An improved user experience that refined data querying and exploration through a web Ul
  3. Enabled data scientists and other programmers to leverage Snowflake’s scalable processing power to run AI/ML algorithms efficiently
  4. Using Snowflake in the Cloud enables faster and easier recovery in case of a technology-related outage
  5. Empowered users with self-service analytics, enabling them to explore and analyze data independently, uncover insights, and make data-driven decisions
  6. System scales based on demand. This means reporting is no longer affected or delayed due to spikes in system demand