Integrated Data Warehouse for Report Automation


One of the business units of the customer’s company was previously a stand-alone company, so they used non-standard software to create reports. Employees of this business unit had to use MS Excel to bring their reports to a standard form.

Business Challenge

Automate the generation of standard reports adopted in all business units of the company.


To automate report generation, we developed SSDM (Security Systems Data Mart) — an integrated data warehouse. This warehouse contains data from their custom systems previously used by this business unit, as well as standard data from the systems of other business units of the company. This data contains information on payments, services and accounting. Automatic reports are generated in Cognos.

The developed system has a complex business logic that is constantly changing and evolving. In the course of the project, there was a migration from one contract management system to another, which has a different data model. Then the system was migrated to interact with clients to another service. These changes were considered in the operation of the data warehouse and the integration was completed successfully.


Most of operations that employees used to do in MS Excel are now performed automatically in SSDM. We configured automatic reporting in Cognos. Also, the developed data warehouse is used by other business units of the company as a data source for reports.

Previously, it took most of the month to generate reports, but with the introduction of the new solution, this time has been reduced to 2-3 days.