AI-driven Solution of Road Traffic Analysis for a Mobility Solutions Company


A mobility solutions company faced a problem of unmanaged data, causing financial losses. Our client needed to receive up-to-date data on the traffic flow, optimize the use of resources in order to provide quality services and integrate its existing infrastructure more efficiently


Software & IT


  1. Data analysis and visualization from different sources through all departments
  2. Hypothesis validation, implementation and the deployment of predictive models
  3. Setting up Big Data infrastructure in AWS Cloud
  4. Implementation of data quality management
  5. Row Level Security implementation for secure access
  6. Costly hardware and software licensing


Create a road traffic analysis solution to manage big volumes of data and cut financial losses


  1. The company benefits from up-to-the-minute insights into traffic patterns and congestion, enabling it to provide more accurate and timely information to its customers
  2. The Client’s management now makes better-informed decisions, leading to optimized operations, and improved service quality
  3. The risks of financial losses are eliminated with the help of protection against unauthorized access
  4. Data leaks and compliance violations were eliminated