IBA Reappointed SAP Preferred Partner for Power Industry

April 19, 2010 

On April 12, IBA received a letter from SAP CIS where the company confirms that IBA is reappointed as SAP Industry Preferred Partner for enterprises of power industry.

In his letter, Vladislav Martynov, SAP CIS Managing Director, says that “SAP considers IBA a partner with extensive expertise in the implementation of projects to automate power engineering companies”.

Reappointing IBA as SAP Industry Preferred Partner, SAP CIS gives official preference to the company in SAP software implementation for the power sector and recognizes IBA as a leader in automation of power engineering enterprises and a company with skilled resources and the ability to implement large–scale projects.

IBA views cooperation with SAP as its strategic business line. Today, IBA carries out a number of large–scale SAP projects in Eastern Europe.