Why IBA chose Ukraine for growth

May 21, 2012 

In its May  2012 issue,  IT Europa published the article Why IBA chose Ukraine for growth.

“IBA, the eastern European IT services giant, has added to its existing offices by opening up in Ukraine. This has been a missing part of the map for the Czech Republic-headquartered company which has more than 30 large clients worldwide.

With a history of working with IBM and SAP, and going back to mainframe days, IBA is set on expansion, recently opening offices in Astana, Kazakhstan; London, UK; and Kiev, Ukraine. Ukraine has now became the tenth country in the world where IBA Group has a permanent presence.

The opening of IBA Ukraine is a part of the IBA Group’s strategy aimed at the expansion of its presence to the regions where its customers are based. IBA knows the local situation well, having already worked there with partners, and knows it is a very competitive local market for IT services.

Igor Pastushenko (above), former head of IBM Ukraine, has been appointed as Director of IBA Ukraine. He tells IT Europa: “Ukraine is of interest because of the latest changes in its bank — ing, energy, transport, agri- and industrial sectors, where IBA has strong competence. We see a growing demand for professional IT services that could support business initiatives aimed at higher effectiveness and efficiency. IBA together with its customers is going to create business value for both sides.”

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