Outsourcing vs. Uncertainty

November 19, 2009 

The No.4/November issue of Outsourcing, the Daily Telegraph supplement by Media Planet , came out with an article entitled Outsourcing vs. Uncertainty. In the article, Sergei Levteev, IBA Group President, speaks on how to regain stability and resume growth using outsourcing.

“Seeking to regain momentum in the downturn? Outsourcing can help”, says Sergei Levteev, president of IBA Group, a Prague-based IT service provider with clients in more than 30 countries.

“Forced to reduce spending, putting IT projects on hold… These are the complaints that many senior executives express in the today’s tough times. It is not surprising because the IT industry is highly responsive to global changes and IT budgets are among the first to undergo cuts in crisis situations.

Many organisations find themselves looking for the ways to regain stability and resume growth. Outsourcing can offer an alternative to cutting services, suspending projects and raising fees.

An experienced provider of IT outsourcing services, IBA Group boasts numerous successful projects and clients in more than 30 countries. IBA Group employs 2,300 professionals and has offices in the Czech Republic, the United States, Germany, and Bulgaria. The company offers a comprehensive suite of services with focus on mainframe software, SAP solutions, business intelligence, distributed systems and new technologies (Java, .Net, SOA).”

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