New Age of Mobile Enterprise

October 9, 2012 

Outsource Magazine publishes an article about IBA Group’ s new offerings in mobile technologies.

“The use of mobile devices, including smartphones or tablets in the corporate sector is a new sustainable trend. End users like mobile devices because they are always at hand, and are compact and efficient. Mobile devices have already reached the level of maturity at which they can become the main tool for working with business information.

The volume of information that companies need to digest is growing exponentially. Fast and accurate reactions to important events and grounded decision-making are vital. These are new serious challenges for IT infrastructure and they cannot be addressed by augmentation of computing resources. The ability of businesses to survive largely depends on the flexibility of their IT infrastructure and on how susceptible it is to innovations.

Going mobile: A vivid example of a new generation of innovations in corporate IT is mobile technologies. Evidently, a mobile application is not limited to a simple transfer of information from a notebook screen to a smartphone screen. It is primarily an extension of the company’s IT infrastructure with the use of native capabilities of mobile devices, including work with geolocation systems and use of an in-built photo camera, sound recording, voice processing, and handwritten notes, as well as offline work with data.

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