Interview with IBA CEO

May 18, 2015 

On May 14, 2015, Outsource Magazine published an interview with Sergei Levteev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IBA Group.

Outsource Magazine: What challenges is the industry facing at the moment and how are you overcoming these?

Sergei Levteev: “The IT industry is evolving at a very rapid pace. The last 20 years brought a completely new buyer to the limelight and we need to respond proactively. The buyers are mobile, software-savvy, and innovation-oriented.

Therefore, today’s IT providers should be ahead of the technology development. We at IBA Group have adopted new technologies that are now called CAMSS (cloud, analytics, enterprise mobility, social media, and security) and move towards providing an integrated digital platform for the customer.

In addition, new trends are coming to life, including artificial intelligence, robotics, atomically precise manufacturing, and the Internet of Everything (IoE). The IT industry is a part of all these developments. IBA responds by applying microelectronics for its products, and developing cloud and NFC solutions.

IBA Group keeps expanding its product and service portfolio. Our solutions are an integration of software and hardware. The Automated Fare Collection (AFC) system developed by IBA was recently awarded a European IT & Software Excellence award by IT Europa. IBA is now making the next step by developing smart card and NFC solutions that will be functioning not only in the transport sector, but also in other areas and branches, such as loyalty programs, libraries, and museums.”