SAP Support

300+ professionals provide ITIL-aligned support of SAP systems that are compliant with customer’s business requirements. Such an approach reduces the disruptions and provides insights into the relationship between users, configuration items, and incidents.

Why do you need support

Organizations with older versions of SAP solutions may face issues with customer satisfaction.

TOP-3 reasons for low customer satisfaction:

  1. slow incident handling,
  2. a vague understanding of the relationship between users, configuration items, and incidents,
  3. unclear expectations from business processes.

What we offer

General tasks of the Common Service for User Support (CSUS) include:

  • Prompt responseto incoming requests;
  • Requests are directed to the support service;
  • Methodological consultations for key users;
  • Proactive monitoring of the system’s basis;
  • Works on support and maintenance of the SAP system environments;
  • Solving rendering of Services problems;
  • Works under Requests for Change;
  • Consultation of users of maintained information systems.


Modernize your ERP system to stay in the game

Support model: two approaches

Earlier: escalation-based process

A typical support infrastructure is organized into three levels which will transfer tickets according to their complexity.

Today: collaboration-based process

Instead of escalating issues through various levels, a team is responsible for managing and resolving all tickets.

How we process incidents

  1. Identification and Logging
  2. Classification and Prioritization
  3. Investigation and Diagnosis
  4. Resolution and Recovery
  5. Incident Closure

How to process change requests

  1. Initiation: raising change request and assessment
  2. Assessment: high-level design and estimation
  3. Approval and prioritization
  4. Implementation and unit testing
  5. User acceptance: testing ad approval/rejection
  6. Closure

Our Project Manager

  • Management of organizational and technical issues;
  • Solving operational issues of incident management;
  • Operational control of the process;
  • Responsibility for the work results;
  • Reporting on results;
  • Approval of Certificates of provided Services

Our Service Analyst

  • Interaction with the Customer’s users and our professionals;
  • Receipt, registration, classification, and communication of the Customer’s users support

Customer Representative

  • Solving organizational and operational issues on the customer’s side
  • Composing requests for change and requests for training;
  • Approving Certificates of provided Services;
  • Signing technical documents: records, requirements, decisions, etc.

Quality management

To provide clients with the best services and solutions, IBA Group has designed and implemented its Quality Management System that complies with international standards.


1First contact

We analyze needs of your business, specify your expectations and solution requirements, and define processes that should be automated.

2Requirement specification

We define main project challenges and risks and ways of handling them; discuss requirement specification details, estimate schedule and costs.

3The Offer

We agree final project cost and cooperation terms. Sign the documents.

4Consulting and prototyping

We provide consultation on technologies and products. We prototype automation solutions and offer services of our DevOps engineers.

5Development and training

The development process is transparent. You receive progress reports on a regular basis. After project implementation, we educate your personnel to work with the new system.

6Maintenance and support

We agree terms and costs of system maintenance and support.


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