Enhancing Efficiency of SAP ERP Document Interchange with Digital Signature


An international telecommunication company serving over 50 million customers successfully implemented the standard functionality for formal document exchange with SAP ERP. However, the company identified the need for a SAP solution that could facilitate the exchange of informal documents with electronic digital signatures. To address the challenge, the company initiated a bidding for this project and selected IBA Group as the winner.


The challenges faced by the company were twofold. First, there was no standard SAP solution for interchange of non-formalized documents with a digital signature for the country. Second, the company grappled with a large volume of paper document exchange, both internally and with external partners.

Solution Highlights

IBA Group implemented a comprehensive SAP custom solution, expanding the existing solution for formal EDI (Electronic Document Interchange) to include informal EDI built on the SAP platform. This empowered the customer to create non-formalized electronic documents with digital signatures, generate correspondence requests for accounting documents, and track document statuses in real-time. IBA Group also developed the approval workflow that caters to both formalized and non-formalized documents and comes with robust storage solutions.

Key Results

The company can now transmit non-formalized electronic documents, leading to a significant reduction in paper-based workflows. Additionally, the time required for document exchange with partners notably reduced.

The user experience within the SAP’s EDI system substantially improved through the introduction of a monitoring solution for formal and informal documents and the incorporation of customer-specific workflows.

The users gained the capability to track the approval of electronic documents in this monitoring system.


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