Reference. Transport & Logistics

Hapag–Lloyd AG

“Thanks to IBA Group for the good and trustful collaboration in the last years.”

Bastian Doelle, IT Service Manager

Belarusian Railway

“IBA Group implemented an analytical accounting solution for Material and Technical Supply Management of Unified Finance and Resource Management System. Implemented on SAP Business Objects and SAP BW, the solution is designed to assist in the analysis and organization of procurement planning campaigns at Belarusian Railway. During the 2016 bid campaign, the use of the solution significantly reduced the time of collecting applications and improved the processes of regulatory and management accounting for material and technical supply. The solution enables the Belarusian Railway experts to receive up–to–date and accurate information and thus support the decisions on cost reduction, as well as to ensure the transparency of the processes and the follow–up control. I’d like to underscore the IBA Group’s highly professional, prompt, and creative approach to problem solving and express hope for further cooperation.”

Vladimir Balakhonov, Deputy Director

Kapsch Telematic Services

“IBA Minsk developed and implemented an interface for interaction between the electronic toll collection (ETC) system and the supervisory authority for payment collection in the Republic of Belarus. The software is designed to pass the information on violations to recover compensatory payments and penalties to the back office of the supervisory authority. We express our thanks to IBA Minsk for the project implemented with fair observance of contract terms and at a high professional and technical level.”

Victor Tanayevsky, Chairman of the Management Board

Belarusian Railway

“Belarusian Railway jointly with your company implemented functionality of the Template Accounting System based on SAP ERP, enabling us to maintain financial accounting and tax accounting in a single system, unify accounting operations, and make the accounting transparent for BR management. Within the project, IBA prepared a profound specification list of primary documents, implemented an efficient operation reporting system including intra–organizational accounting reports. IBA developed a multi–purpose program that generates accounting reports, a number of tax reports, and branch balance sheet supplements. Implementation of the system allows for receiving reliable information necessary for management decision–making, standardizing user operations, and providing unified normative and reference information. To date, the functionality of the system was replicated at 26 enterprises of Belarusian Railway with their subsequent launch into commercial operation. Twenty–one of these replicas were put into commercial operation jointly with the subsystem “Human Resources”. We thank IBA for successful cooperation and express the hope to develop our relationship in future.”

Vera Tarasova, Head of Accounting and Methodology Department

State Railway of Turkmenistan

“Since 1996, IBA Minsk has been cooperating with us in modernization of the present data processing system, and has proved both to be a reliable and highly qualified partner, and to be well familiar with the problems and specific character of doing business in our republic. In view of the above, we would like to recommend IBA as a system integrator for preparation and implementation of the project on modernization of the automated management system of the Railway of Turkmenistan.”

Mered Kutliev, Head of the State Railway of Turkmenistan

Belarusian Railway

“It was very important to implement the all-round redenomination project for the Unified Finance and Resource Management System within the terms established by the Belarusian legislation. IBA Group was selected to perform this work, as the company has an in-depth SAP expertise. I believe that together we have successfully met the challenges.”

Igor Otliga, Head of IT Department

Belarusian Railway

“IBA has been a reliable partner of Belarusian Railway for more than 15 years. In this period, we have jointly implemented a number of large–scale projects on the development of the information infrastructure of Belarusian Railway and its subsidiaries.
Belarusian Railway appreciates the qualified assistance of IBA management and technical experts. As Belarusian Railway is planning to proceed with the expansion and modification of its infrastructure, we look forward to continued and mutually beneficial cooperation with IBA.”

Igor Otliga, Head of Information and Computing Center

Belarusian Railway

“We express our thanks for a large amount of work performed by IBA. IBA automated workflow at Belzheldorsnab using Chancellor, the IBA proprietary electronic document management software. The implementation of the automated workflow management system allowed for:

  • Linking together and synchronization of Belzheldorsnab’s workflow with that of Belarusian Railway
  • Eliminating unnecessary duplication of documents in hard copy
  • Automating control of document processing
  • Improving performance discipline.

IBA performed all the work, including workflow analysis, system implementation and customization in high quality, within the established time limit, and with understanding of the specifics of the company’s workflow.”

Andrey Samosuev, Chief Engineer, Belzheldorsnab

Belarusian Railway

“IBA implemented the project “Creation and implementation of distributed system of document management at Belarusian Railway” in time and with high quality. IBA experts took into consideration all specific features of document workflow at Belarusian Railway. We are looking forward for cooperation in future”

Valeriy Shubadyorov, Vice President

Tupolev PSC

“IBA offered a solution, developed requirement specifications, and are implementing an integrated electronic document interchange system that provides for the interaction of administrative, design and technological information streams of Tupolev PSC enterprises. The system will increase the efficiency of the distributed implementation of several aircraft projects, and reduce time and cost of our projects.

I would like to note the professionalism of IBA specialists, their careful attention to our needs, and quick response to the changing requirements, as well as effective consulting assistance to Tupolev PSC employees.”

Igor Shevchuk, President and Chief Designer

State Enterprise Belaeronavigatsia

“In 2015, IBA IT Park implemented a project for the state enterprise Belaeronavigatsia. IBA integrated the Chancellor-based electronic document management system of Belaeronavigatsia with the interdepartmental system of electronic document management of the state bodies of the Republic of Belarus. The project was carried out with a high quality and in compliance with the contract terms. IBA demonstrated professional integrity and responsibility while addressing the assigned tasks.”

Alexander Vystoropov, Deputy Director for Radio Equipment Operations and Aeronautical Telecommunication

State Enterprise Belaeronavigatsia

“IBA Minsk upgraded a Chancellor–based automated workflow management system at Belaeronavigatsia. IBA performed the work in high quality, within the established time limit, and with understanding of the specifics of the company’s workflow. IBA Minsk showed high level of expertise when providing efficient and responsive support, quick reaction to the changing requirements of system operation, and comprehensive consulting on the arising problems.”

Alexander Vystoropov, Deputy Director for Radio Equipment Operations and Aeronautical Telecommunication

Belarusian Railway

“I would like to express satisfaction with the performance of IBA when implementing the SAP–based project Equipment Maintenance at the Locomotive Depot of the Minsk Branch of Belarusian Railway. The system was implemented in two stages for the period of two and a half years. As a result of hard work, the system Equipment Maintenance was put into commercial operation in September 2010.Today, the solution provides support for the maintenance and repairs of locomotives, and allows for the quality management of repairs, including monitoring of the technical state of diesel and electric locomotives and their parts. Equipment Maintenance enables Belarusian Railway to anticipate and plan needs in material resources based on actual expenditures, as well as control and analyze movement of material resources, track the execution of work online, and manage the entire process of locomotive repairs.” 

Alexander Gurshchenkov, Deputy Head of the Locomotive Depot, Minsk Branch

Belarusian Railway

“For the time of our cooperation, IBA implemented a number of major projects on modernization and development of the Belarusian Railway. The results essentially influenced upon improvement of productivity and growth of reliability of the automated management systems for cargo and passenger transportation by the Belarusian Railway.
For the Belarusian Railway, IBA is a strategic partner. We decide the most important issues of system integration in the area of automation of the industry management systems together.”

Viktor Lukianenko, Head of Information and Computing Center


“The Central Computing Center of Belzheldorraschet has been cooperating with IBA for more than 10 years. We highly value IBA as a leading enterprise of the Republic of Belarus in the area of information technologies and would like to thank you for good relationships. We look forward to further cooperation.”

Mikhail Tochilin, Chief Engineer