Transport & Logistics

State Railway of Turkmenistan

“Since 1996, IBA Group has been cooperating with us in modernization of the present data processing system, and has proved both to be a reliable and highly qualified partner, and to be well familiar with the problems and specific character of doing business in our republic. In view of the above, we would like to recommend IBA as a system integrator for preparation and implementation of the project on modernization of the automated management system of the Railway of Turkmenistan.”

Mered Kutliev, Head of the State Railway of Turkmenistan

Hapag–Lloyd AG

“Thanks to IBA Group for the good and trustful collaboration in the last years.”

Bastian Doelle, IT Service Manager

“IBA Group demonstrated their proficiency in automated testing through their successful implementation of the Proof-of-Concept (PoC) project for our organization. Their comprehensive approach to testing, coupled with their deep understanding of our requirements, allowed us to achieve significant milestones in our testing processes.

The IBA Group team developed bunch of end-to-end automation test scenarios that covered the most weighty aspects of user journey for one of our applications. Their attention to detail and thoroughness ensured that no potential issues were overlooked. They also optimized regression testing time. By executing parallel tests and dividing them into smaller batches, IBA Group achieved reductions in overall run time. This efficiency in test execution allowed us to save valuable time and resources, enabling us to focus on other critical areas of our business.

IBA Group has proven to be a valuable partner, providing us with an automation testing service and consistently delivering high-quality results. We would gladly recommend IBA Group to other organizations seeking reliable and efficient automation testing solutions.”

Bastian Doelle, Director IT – Quality Assurance, Software Engineering, Project Management

Michael Timm, Quality Assurance Evangelist