Attracting and Retaining Clients in the Developer Business: from Request to Contract


Our client is a real estate development company operating in a major metropolitan region. They specialize in the construction and management of residential and commercial properties. The client required a reduction in the sales cycle and lead costs in the real estate development business.


  1. Implementation of the functionality for managing applications for the purchase and lease of real estate
  2. Lead generation
  3. Integration with the Contact Center (not a SAP solution)
  4. Sales management
  5. Creation of a catalog of products and services (real estate on the market)
  6. Management of the “sales funnel” and monitoring the management performance (KPIs)


  1. Activation and configuration of standard C4C functionality
  2. Development of functionality for processing real estate acquisition requests
  3. Development of a database for managing real estate objects
  4. Setting up integration with the Contact Center
  5. Integration with 1C


  1. Reduced labor costs related to sales managers through automation and the use of a systematized electronic catalog of real estate properties.
  2. A shortened sales cycle by preserving all information about potential clients’ previous inquiries.
  3. The use of unified tools to consolidate deal information, which has eliminated the human factor and made the process of KPI control for managers transparent.
  4. Instant selection of relevant offers based on the characteristics of the client’s request.
  5. An automated lead generation process that systematizes the manager’s work: at each stage of the sales funnel, specific activities are established, such as making calls, placing ads on social media, and sending standard letters to potential clients.
  6. 20% increase in the conversion rate from call to property visit.
  7. 10% increase in the conversion rate from visit to deal.