Face Recognition of Buyers in Stores


M.Video is a Russian retail chain selling household appliances and electronics. There are hundreds of buyers in the retail floors of the network, and sales advisors rarely recognize regular customers among them. This reduces the level of personalization of the service that customers in online stores are accustomed to.


Create a turnkey solution for a large network selling equipment based on facial recognition technology of customers and develop a mobile application for sales advisors.


The artificial intelligence system identifies the customer who entered the store, using the camera image and sends push notifications to the sellers’ devices. Where relevant, the buyer receives an SMS with a personal offer. The system operates in the cloud and can be quickly deployed in any store.

Pilot project for M.Video was presented by the IBA Group at SAP Coder contest

Technologies: Python (OpenFace, Keras/TensorFlow, OpenCV, Dlib, Scikit-learning), SAP Cloud, SAP HANA, SAP Smart Business Services, SAP Cloud Analytics, SAP UI5 Fiori, Cloud Foundry.


The IBA Group team has developed a mobile application for M.Video employees. Marketers can receive analytical reports in order to calculate exact number of visitors in stores. The system helps enrich customer profiles: collect behavior statistics and history of interaction with stores.